10 Sweetest Things Moms Have Caught Their Kids Doing for a Sibling

10 Sweetest Things Moms Have Caught Their Kids Doing for a Sibling

Raising kids isn’t all sibling rivalry. Moms share the sweetest stories of sibling love.

By Jeanne Sager

If the words “sibling rivalry” scare you, you’re not alone. Most parents of more than one kid have war stories involving that blue cup they secretly threw in the garbage to keep the kids from fighting over it, or the time they hid in the bedroom and pretended to have a headache so they’d Just. Stop. Screaming.

But then there are the other sibling stories. They’re stories of sisters offering up a favorite stuffed animal to a brother with a tummy ache to make him feel better and brothers giving brothers the last cookie just because.

When you’re in the middle of a “my kids just won’t get along” week, pull your chin up. We asked moms to share the sweetest things they ever caught their kids doing to one another, and their stories will make you melt.

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1. “When my daughter was a tiny baby and both kids slept with me, I got up for about the sixth time one night while she was teething and crying. My son woke up too (he was 3 at the time) held out his little arms and said ‘I'll take her so you can sleep, Mommy.’ I tear up just thinking about it again. -- Terri W.

2. “My daughter is always asking people if something has gluten in it when she hears someone offer her brother food.” -- Kira R.

3. “I pulled up in the pickup line at school, and it was raining. Both girls had coats with hoods, but my 5-year-old’s was still in her backpack. My oldest, who is 7, had her little sister all tucked into her, and was covering her head with her face and hands, trying to keep her dry. It was so sweet!” -- Whitney C.

4. “Whenever we are in what my older son perceives to be a crowded place, he instinctively grabs his little brother’s hand so he doesn't get lost.” -- Katrina J.

5. “My daughter built her sister a makeshift wheelchair from a rolling ottoman and a cart when she sprained her ankle.” -- Chrissy S.


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6. “If my son is upset, my daughter will write him little notes and bring him presents to cheer him up. Actually, nobody can cheer her up like her brother can either, so it goes both ways.” -- Danita B.

7. “My kids both had a cross country meet. The girls ran first, and my daughter did fairly well. The boys ran second, and my seventh grader was near last (but not last and improving so much from the start of the season). When my daughter saw him approaching the finish line, she ran down the last quarter of a mile to then cheer him on and run the last quarter mile with him. No one asked her to do this. She just knew he could use some inspiration. I haven't gotten his final time yet for the meet, but I can tell you it's the fastest he's run all season, and my heart burst to see her out running him home.” -- Michelle P.

8. “I caught my 11-year-old son (who loathes jewelry) wearing this giant, bright, ill-fitting, clunky bracelet his sister made just for him. He rolled his eyes and bemoaned it when I asked about it, but he kept that thing on all day long because she made it just for him.” -- Kim B.

9. “Usually my 1-year-old wakes up crying. One morning I heard giggles instead. Big sister (age 5) had climbed into her crib and was ‘reading’ her stories. My heart almost burst.” -- Amy W.

10. “When my toddler came out of anesthesia after surgery, the first thing he asked -- before he even said hi to me -- was if he could get a glove balloon for his brother.” -- Megan Z.

What’s the best “caught them being sweet” moment between your kids?

Jeanne Sager is a freelance writer, photographer and social media junkie. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and way too many pets. You can follow her @JeanneSager.

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