10 Ways to Stop Hitting Snooze for Good

10 Ways to Stop Hitting Snooze for Good

These tricks will help you skip the snooze button and start the day off right.

By Leah Maxwell

Unless you’re one of those lucky people who springs forth from bed each morning ready to greet the new day with a wink and smile, you probably have a relationship with your snooze button that borders on inappropriate. Unfortunately, all the things you need to do aren’t likely to get done while you lounge in the sheets, so here are some tips to get up and at ’em instead of snoozing your mornings away.

1. Change your alarm sound once a month. If the beep beep beep of a standard alarm grates on your ears (and your very soul), it won’t take long until you can’t help but swell up with negative feelings whenever you hear it. Switching alarm tones can guard against that negative association, so switch up your sounds to prevent becoming conditioned to a single tone. Get creative – maybe pick a different song for each day of the week.

2. Do something you love right away. If you wake up every day dreading the drudgery of your usual morning tasks, turn that snooze time into a moment to do something pleasurable. Ten minutes with a cup of tea, a gratitude journal, a yoga mat, a gaming app, a slice of warm cinnamon toast, or a favorite blog can help get you excited to get out of bed.

3. Enjoy the calm before the storm. If you’re a busy mom, consider that getting up with your alarm may be the only peace and quiet you get all day. Even if you’re using that time to get started on a hectic morning routine, at least you’re doing it on your own terms.

4. Set the tone for the day. Remind yourself that extra time in the morning can make things less chaotic overall, in part because if you’re less frazzled, your family is likely to be less frazzled too. Smoother mornings for everyone? I’d say that’s worth the discomfort of getting up when you’d rather snuggle down.

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5. Get enough sleep! If you’re hitting snooze because you’re waking up exhausted, it could be that you’re simply not getting enough quality sleep the night before. This can be hard to remedy if your kids make demands every few hours throughout the night, but do what you can to get your zzzzs. Besides, the extra sleep you’re getting between snoozes isn’t quality sleep, anyway, so don’t look at it as catch-up time if you’re truly sleep deprived.

6. Make it a goal. If you’re motivated by charts, set a goal to get up with your alarm, and then keep track of the days you resist snoozing. Motivate yourself with a reward at the end of the month.


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7. Make it a habit. This is a tough one, but hear me out: Getting up with your alarm every day of the week – even on weekends – can make the process easier overall. I know, I know, it sounds like I’m trying to drain all the joy out of your life, but consider that training your body – teaching it that getting up at a certain time is the rule, not the exception – will, over time, make you less dependent on the snooze button.

8. Wake yourself up with light. If your alarm goes off when it’s still dark, no wonder you don’t want to get up. To trick your body into thinking the sun is up, try using a special alarm lamp that simulates natural daylight. If you want to go lo-fi, just turn on your bedside lamp as soon as you hear your alarm ring.

9. Eliminate your grace period. If you set your alarm early because you know you want to snooze, you’re obviously not committed to getting up with the first alarm. Change that by setting your clock for the time you have to get up; if you give yourself wiggle room, you’ll always, always take it, so just remove the temptation.

10. Put your alarm clock across the room. If you’ve heard this one before, that’s because it’s a tried-and-true trick that actually works. Unless you have good aim and can throw a slipper to hit the snooze button from a dozen feet, you have to get up, which means you’re halfway to staying up.

What tricks do you have for getting up without hitting snooze?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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