10 Ways You Know You're the Mom of a Big Kid

10 Ways You Know You're the Mom of a Big Kid

The good and the bad about what all moms of school-age kids have in common.

By Leah Maxwell

Going off to school is a major rite of passage for children, but it’s also a huge milestone for their parents. Whether it’s your first kid, your last, or one in the middle, sending your baby into the wilds of elementary school – be it this year, or next -- is the beginning of a new life for them ... and for you. Here, 10 things other moms of school-age kids experience right along with you.

1. You have enough refrigerator art to wallpaper the inside of Grand Central Terminal.

2. You’ve prepared for lice the way you hope the government has prepared for a zombie attack.

3. You’ve set an alarm to remind you about the Tooth Fairy. (And if you haven’t, you should!)

4. You’ve gotten your butt stuck in a miniature desk chair during parent-teacher conferences.

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5. You consult a search engine multiple times a day to help you explain the mechanics of everything from radio antennas to volcanoes to string cheese.

6. Sometimes your patience is so thin it’s see-through.


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7. You know the not-so-silent shame of listening to kids’ music when you’re in the car alone. And you know all the words. And you sing along.

8. You dream of an app that will stop time and freeze your child in this moment when she’s big enough to read alone but still prefers to crawl into your lap and hear a story from Mom. And, hey, if it’s not too much to ask, you’d also like an app that will fast-forward through her outrageous emotional outbursts.

9. Your life revolves around shoes -- finding them, tying them, retying them, shaking sand out of them, realizing they’re too small even though you just bought them a month ago.

10. Your heart swells with pride as you watch your kindergartner head into school each morning, and it swells even more with love when he comes back out at the end of the day, looking taller and older and smarter than before. You’re parenting an actual person!

What will you always remember about your kid’s kindergarten year?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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