11 Kid Messes Parents Will Never Forget Cleaning Up

11 Kid Messes Parents Will Never Forget Cleaning Up

Kids can be terrifyingly messy – it’s a good thing they’re so cute!

By Kelly Bryant

When you first had a baby, there were probably many things that surprised you about parenthood. But one preconceived notion you likely had about kids is totally true – they produce copious, voluminous messes.

Even the most well-meaning children will have a fantastical brush with messiness at some point during their young lives, and we found 11 parents all too eager to share their (probably relatable!) horror stories.

1. “As a kid, around age 5 or 6, my son developed a habit of sleepwalking. Typically it was harmless and we were always able to steer him back to his bed without any injury. However, one afternoon while he was taking a nap, I heard footsteps come down the hall and into the kitchen. Then I heard the refrigerator door open. After that I heard the distinct sound of water, then heard the footsteps trek back to my son’s room. I walked into the kitchen to find he had opened the fridge and peed inside – all over what was to be that night’s dinner. I was in disbelief. It was a nightmare to clean up but hilarious at the same time. We’ve never let him live it down.” – Diane B., North Bellmore, New York

2. “To this day my kids are messy eaters, but as a baby, my oldest son wouldn’t just eat spaghetti – he would wear it. He would have sauce and noodles all over him, to the point we wouldn’t let him eat spaghetti before we took his clothes off. One time we actually hosed him down with the garden hose afterwards, which he thought was funny, if not a little cold!” – Kathy K., San Diego, California

3. “My daughter Sophie and her friend decided to recreate Jackson Pollock paintings in my kitchen, which happens to be next to my couch and living room. There was splatter paint everywhere!” – Meredith T., Springfield, New Jersey

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4. “To this day I don’t know how he was able to unscrew the cap, but at 18 months old my son opened a jar of petroleum jelly and put huge globs of it in his hair. When I caught him he had the guiltiest look on his face. Of course I ended up playing around with it, styling his hair in all kinds of crazy ways and taking photos. It was a pain in the butt to wash out, though.” – Carolina P., Glendale, California

5. “I’m a mother of three boys so I’ve seen more than my fair share of messes. One that sticks out was my oldest son coming home, walking through the door, and kicking off one of his dress shoes, which then broke the front window and landed in a flower bed.” – Joan P., Pasadena, California

6. “My daughter cracked a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor and proceeded to finger paint with the mess.” – Michele N., Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

7. “When Ella was still in diapers she took her diaper off before falling asleep. She woke up and had pooped. She very quietly explored what had happened for who knows how long (I didn't even hear her on the baby monitor), and I walked in to find poop everywhere: in her hair, smeared on her bed, under her fingernails, and on the walls. Certainly the most disgusting thing I've ever had to clean up.” – Christyn R., Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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8. “I was using the bathroom (the only time I get to myself these days) and my 2-year-old was being awfully quiet in my bedroom. When I came out I discovered him drawing with crayons on one of the walls. When I firmly told him we do not draw on the walls and tried to take the crayons away from him, he held on tightly and said, ‘But, I’m not done yet!’” – Amy T., Chicago, Illinois

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9. “After his grandpa introduced my 3-year-old son to his first Viennese table [a dessert buffet] at my cousin’s wedding, [my son] proceeded to projectile vomit all over my tuxedo.” – Matt N., Long Beach, New York

10. “My daughter got into my wife’s nail polish and decided to paint her face, instead of her nails, with it. That took quite a bit of effort to clean up.” – Andy K., St. Louis, Missouri

11. “My youngest daughter, 13 months old at the time, sat so sweetly on my bed one morning drinking her bottle – giving me hi-fives and calling my name – that I thought it would be harmless to run downstairs to grab a cup of coffee. In those fleeting three minutes, she got down from the bed, opened all the lower drawers on my dresser and pulled everything out. I then set her in front of some toys while I picked up the clothes and before I could even finish she had scampered over to my basket of unmatched socks and tossed them everywhere. I put her back on the bed, get all the socks back together, and didn’t notice her silently scoot into the hall. Two minutes later my oldest daughter shouts from the bathroom, ‘Baby’s making a huge mess!’ I’m met with the bottom drawer of the vanity open, hair bows and headbands everywhere, and my little angel clinging to the toilet about to dip her hands into the bowl. That was all before 8 a.m.” – Georgia T., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

What’s the biggest mess your child has ever made?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

Image ©iStock.com/ChristinLola

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