11 Kids Share the Best Thing They Learned in School This Year

11 Kids Share the Best Thing They Learned in School This Year

No matter what they say, school’s still the place where kids learn amazing things.

By Lorraine Allen

School is almost out for the summer. Vacation is so close, it’s becoming hard for kids to focus on the last remaining weeks of homework, class time, and school projects. And with all the exciting things -- and free time! -- to look forward to in the coming summer months, this is also a great time to ask your kids to reflect on what they have learned during the school year, what they found most fascinating and surprising, what new knowledge they have gained that they are most excited by and eager to share. Here, 11 kids, including my own, share the best thing they learned all year in school.

1. “Sea horses are oviparous (I don’t know the word in English), and the daddies are the ones that carry babies, NOT the moms!” -- My daughter, Lina D., 6, kindergarten

2. “There is a plant that is a carnivore. It’s a flower, and it eats bug meat! I forget the name, but it’s so cool.” -- Jamie R., 7, first grade

3. “I like to build with the blue foam blocks best. That’s what I learned. To make big, big towers.” -- Lydia M., 4, pre-K

4. “I learned how to read music notes. I can really read them! And play my own music!” -- Jose L., 5, kindergarten

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5. “I learned how to read! I can read, like, 57 or 99 books!” -- Gus J., 7, first grade

6. “Tomatoes and cucumbers and avocados are fruits. Because they have seeds. Did you know that? They are NOT vegetables so don’t call them that.” -- Clara G., 8, second grade

7. “I learned how to write in cursive! Want me to show you? It’s fancy.” -- Eliana K., 9, third grade


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8. “Squid has ink inside it and it’s sort of purple or black, and it shoots it out. Do you know why? So that if a big fish is trying to eat it, like a predator, it can shoot the ink out and blind the big fish, so it can swim away and be safe. Because the predator can’t see it. SO cool!” -- Ava A., 8, second grade

9. “I learned to do a headstand.” -- Max H., 6, kindergarten

10. “I can count to 100 and also to five million billion one thousand and twenty-six.” -- Jake E., 5, kindergarten

11. “Painting! And stamps!” -- Jenny, 4, pre-K

What was the best thing your kids learned in school this year?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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