11 Moms Reveal the Shockingly Insensitive Comments They’ve Heard From Coworkers

11 Moms Reveal the Shockingly Insensitive Comments They’ve Heard From Coworkers

Coworkers say the darndest things! These 11 moms aren’t holding back on their comments.

By Kelly Bryant

Sure, kids may say the darndest things, but so do coworkers -- about your children or your parenting style. Whether they have kids or not, some folks around the office just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. Here, 11 moms share the most insensitive remark a colleague has made toward them in regards to kids, and some are truly shocking.

1. “Your kids totally took away your body.” – Tara R., West Milford, New Jersey

2. “I’m not having kids, because I like shoes and handbags too much.” – Jen A., Saint Louis, Missouri

3. “‘I don’t like kids,’ after they just interacted with mine.” – Deanna R., Oviedo, Florida

4. “At an evening work event a colleague turned to me and said, ‘You shouldn’t be here, your children need their mother.’” – Patrice B., Ronkonkoma, New York

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5. “When I came in late one day because I had to take my child to a morning doctor appointment, a coworker said, ‘I know you have kids but I wish I could just take mornings off, too.’ As if hustling to get out of the house, to the doctor, to day care, and then into the office was a leisurely morning for me.” – Marnie S., Wheaton, Illinois

6. “Whenever my daughter is sick my boss says to me, ‘This is why I have cats.’” – Erin P., Orlando, Florida

7. “One coworker likes to bring up her ‘pretend’ child and will say things like, ‘Well, look who showed up! Tomorrow I am going to be late, because I have to take my pretend kid in for a pedicure.’ But at the end of each and every night she pops her head in and says, ‘Go home. The babies need you.’ As if to remind me that I am a horrible person for not being home with my kids, even though she is judgmental when I have to be with my kids.” – Alison E., Atlanta, Georgia


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8. “The people in my office have been divided up into two groups – the working moms and the ‘single and childless.’ One day, when myself and two of the other ‘working moms’ were out of the office, the ‘single and childless’ decided to stage a protest because they felt that the working moms get more time off than they do. Mind you, two of us had to stay at home, as the company day care was closed for the day and the other one had a sick kid to take care of. They kept bringing it up to the point where my boss decided to give them a morning where they could come in late to try and make up for it. So, they all went out to breakfast together and called it the Single and Childless Breakfast. Because when I come in late it is because I was having brunch with my other working mom coworkers – right.” – Catherine G., Los Angeles, California

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9. “A coworker, who is also a friend, turned to me once and said, ‘I feel like I need an appointment just to talk to you.’ I feel like I need an appointment just to have time to myself!” – Julie S., Kansas City, Missouri

10. “If coworkers have something planned after work they tend not to invite me and will say, ‘We assumed you couldn’t go, you know, because of the kids.’” – Teri D., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

11. “You’ve become a perfect candidate for one of those style makeover reality shows.” – Jenny T., Seattle, Washington

Has a coworker ever said anything insensitive to you about your kids?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

Image ©iStock.com/Yuri_Arcurs

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