11 Moms Reveal Their Biggest Frustrations About Summer Vacation

11 Moms Reveal Their Biggest Frustrations About Summer Vacation

Summer is not as much fun or as carefree as it used to be, when you’re a mom!

By Lorraine Allen

Summer, and childhood summer vacations, bring back so many wonderful memories for most of us. Days spent drifting, playing, resting. Even bored. Aahh! Those were the days! Now that we’re all grown up, and parents, everything is different, of course. And by everything, I mean every. Single. Thing.

Nothing is as it was before. And certainly, nothing, not even summer vacation, is half as relaxing as it used to be when we were kids. Here, 11 moms share their biggest frustrations about summer vacations.

1. “OMG! The bees! My kids and my husband are all allergic. Highly allergic. All four of them. It’s a nightmare. I hear a buzz, and I jump. I literally have nightmares about bees in summer. It makes it hard to enjoy the summer, it really does.” -- Jane K., mom of three

2. “Hands down it’s the way all our schedules fly out the window when school ends and everything is different, every day, for each kid -- all summer long! It’s maddening to me.” -- Kay L., mom of twin boys and a girl

3. “My biggest frustration is the heat. Where we live, it’s too hot to go outside most of the summer, and keeping kids busy indoors for months is hard.” -- Violet M., mom of one girl and one boy

4. “Camp costs! It’s over $500 a week, per kid, in our city. It’s unmanageable but what can you do?!” -- Amy H., mom of two girls

5. “I can’t stand all the fighting. My two sons are only 18 months apart and all they do is fight, like physically fight, all day, all summer long. Arg!” -- Heather M., mom of two boys

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6. “Not having a routine as we do during school days is really hard on me, personally, because I work from home. I can’t wait till September!” -- Lucia P., mom of one boy


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7. “Going on vacation for a month but never relaxing. Not for one second. It’s actually exhausting.” -- Mindy A., mom of three girls with a boy on the way

8. “I feel like I run a restaurant all summer, having my kids at home instead of at school. I feel like they are hungry every five minutes and asking for food or snacks. What’s up with that?” -- Andrea G., mom of one boy and two girls

9. “Having to play chauffer all day, every day, to my kids, taking them from one thing to the next.” -- Jennifer T., mom of one girl and one boy

10. “Juggling work and the kids’ constant shifting schedules and needs in summer is hard. When an afternoon sitter cancels, it’s total chaos. Or if something happens at camp. There’s just no structure to the days and it feels like mayhem for three months straight.” -- Carol C., mom of three boys

11. “My biggest frustration is the guilt of not having time to take vacation with my kids. When I was growing up, my mom was always there for us, baking cookies, putting on [bandages], teaching us to swim, and going out for ice cream. Now I’m at work all summer and my kids sit in day care, or go to some cheap camp. Or go to Grandma’s, which they don’t enjoy because she’s so old and can’t even hear. I don’t know if they are having much fun!” -- Patty K., mom of two boys and one girl

What’s your biggest personal frustration about summer vacation?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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Although Summer vacations can be a lot of work for a Mom, try to enjoy every moment you can with your family! Life is too short!

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