11 Moms Reveal Their Most Awkward Playdate Moments

11 Moms Reveal Their Most Awkward Playdate Moments

Kids’ playdates sound innocent, but these 11 moms had some less-than-gleeful moments.

By Kelly Bryant

Navigating the parent social scene is one thing, but corralling littles to play nicely while making small talk with people you barely know during playdates is another. What could go wrong? Oh, a lot, as proven by these terribly awkward examples shared by 11 real moms.

1. “The time that we went on a playdate with a friend of my son's, and my daughter told the friend’s mother she must have farted because she smelled like poop. That was fun.” – Chenoa S., Torrance, California

2. “My 5-year-old son was playing in the backyard of his friend’s house when the child’s mother started telling me a story about how her son had recently been stung by a bee. All my kid had to hear was the word ‘bee,’ and he started screaming and ran inside the house, hysterical. We went looking but couldn’t find my son anywhere. It took 30 minutes until we finally found him whimpering underneath a bed in their guest room. That was an interesting afternoon.” – Karla S., Mesa, Arizona

3. “My son was in preschool at the time, and we had scheduled a playdate with one of his classmates on a day when school let out at noon. I was talking to his friend’s mom as I started to buckle the kids into the car seats in my car. All of a sudden, the friend said, ‘Look, Mommy, snacks!’ and held up a moldy sippy cup that had fallen underneath the backseat and some dusty old graham crackers that had clearly been tossed aside at some point by my kids. I was mortified.” – Angela T., St. Louis, Missouri

4. “When Mackena was 3, my mom took her across the street to meet some new neighbors. Their house was under construction so the parents and their two little girls were walking around the house outside. While my mom was speaking with the parents, Mackena asked the mom if her kids had a home, or if they were street children … because they were just out on the street!” – Lyndsey H., Jupiter, Florida

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5. “Caleigh fell off a chair and split her lip on the tile floor at a playdate's house. It was one of those slow motion moments when you see what is happening, but can't get there fast enough to stop it. I was hugely pregnant and couldn't really even console her with no lap for her to sit on and cry. She refused ice, Popsicle, drinks. We ended up leaving and stopping at the dentist office on the way home.” – Monica B., Charlotte, North Carolina

6. “Jordan hit it off with a new girl in her dance class, so we all decided to stop for frozen yogurt on the way home. As I’m chatting with the mom, she’s going on and on about how nice it was to meet a friendly family because the kids and parents at her daughter’s school hadn’t been very welcoming, talking specifically about one of the mothers. As she kept talking, I realized she was actually referring to my sister-in-law, whose kids go to the same school. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, it was so awkward.” – Jessalyn L., Wantagh, New York

7. “We had a late afternoon playdate with one of Jack’s friends, and the mom invited us to stay for dinner. The kids were having so much fun I said yes so they could continue playing. My son is a notoriously picky eater, but she was making spaghetti (one of his favorites), so I thought, ‘What could go wrong?’ When dinner was ready, we called the kids to the table. I guess Jack didn’t like the look of the sauce on the spaghetti and yelled, ‘That’s disgusting,’ and ran away in tears.” – Katie M., Santa Monica, California

8. “We ended a park playdate with lunch at a nearby restaurant. I let my son have apple juice with his meal, so his friend wanted to have juice as well. The mom let him have it but looked very unsure as she was giving him the juice. It turns out this little boy doesn’t do so well with sugar … he was bouncing off the walls! It got weird. I felt guilty, like I had started it by allowing my son to have a juice box.” – Catherine G., Encino, California


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9. “My daughter Sophia and I arrived at her friend’s house for a playdate, but when we rang the doorbell and the mother opened the door, the little girl ran up behind her and yelled, ‘You can’t come in. I do not want to play,’ and was trying to push the door shut to keep us out. The mom kept trying to reason with her daughter (and looked so embarrassed), but the girl persisted. After about 10 minutes of this, I said, ‘Maybe we should just reschedule!’ As we were leaving, my daughter, who I was sure was going to be upset about what had happened, just rolled her eyes and said, ‘Sometimes she just gets like this.’ The mom called me later to apologize. I actually felt bad for her!” – Crystal M., Springfield, Missouri

10. “I once had to sit and listen to another mom offer what felt like an itemized list of all of the expensive things in their home while my kids played with her kids. It was excruciating and very uncomfortable. What do you say to that?” – Kristen G., Orlando, Florida

11. “The parents of the other children got into a loud argument. I was sitting there both trying to be invisible and also trying to keep the kids away so they wouldn’t get scared. We never played over there again.” – Robyn K., Atlanta, Georgia

What’s your playdate horror story?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

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