11 Moms Share Their Most Surprising Sources of Parenting Wisdom

11 Moms Share Their Most Surprising Sources of Parenting Wisdom

Moms share the unexpected gurus who have given them priceless parenting advice.

By Lauren Brown

When you become a parent, of course you have your mom, mother-in-law, and maybe, if you’re lucky, even your grandmother (or grandmother-in-law!) to go to for advice. But sometimes, in the most unexpected moments, other people may turn out to be your biggest cheerleaders and give you some amazing pearls of parenting wisdom. For me, it’s my favorite checkout clerk at my local grocery store. Here, 10 other moms share the person who turned out to be their most unlikely source for stellar parenting wisdom.

1. “I got great parenting advice from the guy who does courtesy pickups and drop-offs at my car dealership. He was such a proud dad! He said spend a few minutes each day with them on your lap just taking them in. I was still pregnant when he told me this, and I never forgot and try to practice this as often as I can!” -- Lindsay G., Norwalk, Connecticut

2. “The friendly chauffeur we use when I travel abroad for work! He has five kids and actually gives some common sense advice for raising boys. He helped me find a way to stop repeating myself so much. He said just say it once and the next time repeat your request by physically guiding him to what I asked them to do. Walk him over to the bathroom so he can brush his teeth like I asked. It's a bit of a pain at first, but I found that as soon as they saw me walking toward them they would automatically start moving toward what I had asked in the first place.” -- Evelyn B., Miami, Florida

3. “My other mom friends! When I have an issue concerning step-parenting for instance, I go to friends who are stepmoms. Same with anything else relating to issues of a particular age group, I reach out to moms that have kids this age. My stepmom friends were great when I first got married; they let me know I wasn't ‘the bad guy’ for trying to maintain discipline and encouraged me to choose my battles.” -- Monica S., Fresno, California

4. “My husband’s ex-wife! She bought me a baby language DVD. When I first watched it -- while pregnant -- I thought, ‘This must be BS!’ Then, I put it into practice the first day home with baby, and it sincerely saved my sanity. I swear by it! Every new mom to whom I lend the DVD says the same. And they don't pay me to endorse them!” -- Jenny R., Miami, Florida

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5. “My housekeeper, who has since become my weekly coffee date now that I am a stay-at-home mom, and we don't do housekeepers anymore. She is very supportive of my desire to let the kids learn through play rather than rush into school and was great to bounce ideas off of when making the hard decision to stay at home.” -- Melanie R., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

6. “My son’s Mommy and Me teacher. This week, she told me to make sure to take some time for myself. But also has told me I can't control other peoples’ parenting, and I just need to look out for my own child!” -- Ruth A., Long Island, New York

7. “My 16-year old daughter. There is enough of an age gap between my oldest and younger kids that I can actually deduce what possible emotional damage I might have done to my lab rat first child by simply asking her if she feels some of my more high-pressure parenting methods have been beneficial in retrospect. Fortunately, I have raised her to be too kind to tell me the truth!” -- Nikki M., Winter Park, Florida


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8. “When I am pregnant, I suffer from a rare and dangerous condition called hyperemesis gravidarum or HG. HG has no known cause, no known cure, and no consistently successful treatment. During my last pregnancy, I joined an online support group that not only supported me through my pregnancy but has gone on to support me through parenting. I honestly cannot think of a more supportive or helpful community, because, after all, when you fight death together, you tend to learn to trust each other.” -- Angela H., Missouri City, Texas

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9. “My dad. He raised my brother and I alone. Our mother had schizophrenia when we were growing up. She was either hospitalized or lived in a group home for the most part.” -- Elizabeth M., Tamarac, Florida

10. “I go to my best friend. We became moms at the same time. She doesn’t judge and she offers the best advice while always letting me know that I really am actually doing a good job! Most of the advice is regarding age appropriate responsibilities, activities, and behavior issues.” -- Michelle A., Tampa, Florida

11. “The manager at my local coffee shop! She loves seeing my daughter grow up and has offered advice from making sure to talk to her like a person and avoid ‘goo goo gaga baby talk’ at all costs to making sure she gets plenty of time to explore outside – even when I’m tired, and it’s just easier to put on the TV!” -- Cherie T., Palm Springs, California

Who is your most surprising source of parenting wisdom?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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