11 Reasons Why the Toddler Stage Is the Best Ever

11 Reasons Why the Toddler Stage Is the Best Ever

Yes, toddlers can be maddening, but they truly are the greatest people alive.

By: Nicole Fabian-Weber

While they can be a bit maddening at times, it's hard to deny the fact that toddlers are completely awesome. Sure, they may throw themselves on the floor, wildly kick their legs in the air, and scream at the top of their lungs when you give them the red cup instead of the blue one (can you blame them?), but they possess the uncanny ability to melt your heart moments later with a slobbery kiss and super tight hug. Who else can do that?

The next time your little one is driving you insane, try to remember that they're, well, little. Also, think of all the amazing things about them and how this is a very short-lived phase.

Here, 11 reasons the toddler stage is the absolute best.

1. "Because they’re exploring the world in a whole new way and it’s so exciting." -- Adriana V., mom of one boy

2. "One word -- naps! That, and you don't have to censor what you say around them too much at that point." -- Mary F., mom of one boy

3. "Because there truly is nothing cuter than a squeaky little toddler voice that thinks she knows everything." -- Julie E., mom of a boy and girl

4. "All of their hilarious pronunciations!" -- Laura V., mom of a toddler girl

5. "Because they're starting to do things on their own, but they still need you." -- Anna P., mom of a toddler girl

6. "Because all of their clothes look so much cuter when they start walking." -- Brittani C., mom of a toddler boy

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7. "Teething is finally over! Well, after the 2-year molars." -- Erin S., mom of a toddler boy

8. "Because there's nothing cuter than a toddler bobbing up and down, trying to dance." -- Melanie K., mom of two girls

9. "Their wants and needs are so much easier to understand. When they're babies, it's hard!" -- Ilene P., mom of two girls

10. "Because they can finally try ice cream -- and it's the cutest thing in the world." -- Giovanna S., mom of a toddler girl

11. "Their smooshy little pot bellies and chubby little cheeks -- love!" -- Lisa W., mom of two boys

What's your favorite thing about the toddler stage?

Nicole Fabian-Weber is the mama to a sweet toddler girl and an equally sweet baby boy. She lives outside of NYC and writes for The Stir and numerous other online publications.

Image ©iStock.com/onebluelight

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