11 Working Moms Reveal What They Would Change About the Daily Grind

11 Working Moms Reveal What They Would Change About the Daily Grind

These working moms talk about how they wish they could make over parts of their day.

By Judy Koutsky

It’s a constant struggle balancing kids, our home, and life. Then, of course, for many moms, there’s the daily grind at the office! Here, 11 working moms weigh in on the top things they’d eliminate or restructure about their jobs.

1. “Commuting. I love my job and I don’t mind going into the office every day doing something I love, but what I don’t love is my 90-minute commute each way. It’s just such wasted time. I’d rather be with my kids or at my job, but wasting time in traffic is so pointless.” -- Cheryl, mom of four

2. “Deadlines. What’s especially hard about my job is that my deadlines are fluid, meaning they’re constantly changing. And they always seem to change for the worse – instead of being the week when all is quiet on the home front, they get moved to the week my kids are on spring break, or when my kids are home sick.” -- Leslie, mom of three

3. “Bosses that don’t get it. My boss doesn’t have kids, and so when I ask if I can come in late because of my son’s doctor’s appointment or if I can leave early for a parent-teacher-conference at school, he gives me a hard time. Even though I work late -- and often on weekends -- there’s no flexibility.” -- Maryanne, mom of two

4. “Take Your Kids to Work Day. I know this is supposed to be a good thing – a way to expose our kids to what Mom does all day, but it’s so stressful. My kids are young, and truth be told, not very well behaved, so the last place I want them to be is in my office with my coworkers.” -- Nancy, mom of two

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5. “Business trips. I used to like getting away – staying in a nice hotel, eating out – but now I feel so guilty leaving the kids, and honestly, I don’t want to miss their ballet recital or soccer game. I already feel like I miss so much as a working mom, I don’t want to miss even more because I’m traveling.” -- Monica, mom of four

6. “Family office get-togethers. I’m a big believer in keeping my worlds separate. Work is work, and family is family, but my company does lots of family-invited events – picnics, BBQs, carnivals – and I just don’t like it. I don’t want to spend time with my coworkers on weekends. I see enough of them during the week.” -- Renee, mom of one

7. “Conference calls on my work-from-home days. I’m fortunate enough to work from home on Fridays, which is great. But my boss schedules a conference call every Friday at 4 p.m. I swear, she does it purposely so those at home can’t duck out early and get our kids from school. Is it really so horrible if I clock out a little early on Friday afternoons?” -- Lorraine, mom of three

8. “Instant message chat. Being on all the time is horrible. It was bad enough that I’m available via email and phone round the clock, now people are constantly chatting me on instant message platforms. It drives me nuts. How am I supposed to get all my work done, and be on instant message all day? I want to get my work done and get home to my son.” -- Vicki, mom of one

9. “Women not supporting other women. Everyone in my office has kids. Some have older ones, some have younger. Each situation is different. But for those moms who either don’t have a lot of support or have kids that need more, because the kids are young or going through something, I think we need to cut those moms some slack. We will all go through something at one time, so let’s not judge. Yet, judgement seems to be rampant.” -- Anne, mom of four

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10. “Day care or school without extended hours. My son’s after-school program ends at 6. Yes, I’m super grateful he even has an after-school program, but commuting from New York City to the suburbs, there’s no way I can make it by 6. So I not only have to pay and coordinate the after-school program, but I have to pay and coordinate a babysitter, too.” -- Marlene, mom of two

11. “Snow days for school but not work. It’s been a particularly rough winter and school has been closed a lot. The challenge is that my office always remains open. It’s a scramble trying to find child care the day of.” -- Reba, mom of three

What do you wish you could change about work?

Judy Koutsky is the former Editorial Director of KIWI magazine, a green parenting publication. She was also Executive Editor of Parenting.com, AOL Parent and BabyTalk.com. Follow her on Twitter @JudyKoutsky.

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