12 Fun & Sweet Surprises Kids Will Love

12 Fun & Sweet Surprises Kids Will Love

Your kids will be over the moon if you surprise them in these delightful ways.

By Lorraine Allen

We tell our little ones daily how much we love them, and lavish kisses and hugs whenever we can. But what kid wouldn’t appreciate a little extra show of affection in the form of a fun, sweet surprise? Here are several inspiring ideas your kids will love:

1. Instead of a shower or regular bath, treat them to a deluxe version with scented bubbles or a batch of homemade bath paint.

2. Serve them their dinner or breakfast on fancy dishes with a pretty linen napkin and place mat. Encourage them to wear a play crown or tiara while they enjoy their regal meal.

3. Come to school pick-up armed with a helium balloon (or two), or an oversized lollipop “just because.”

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4. Take your kids somewhere exciting and new, like an amusement park or new movie, just because you know they’ll love it.

5. Slip a new book, pen, or journal (wrapped in pretty paper) under their pillow so they’ll find it when they go to bed, or first thing when they wake up.

6. Work together to make special matching bead bracelets or necklaces for each other.

8. Frame a sweet family photo and hang it in their bedroom.


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9. Make them a key chain that says something special, so they can carry it with them wherever they go.

10. Put a couple of fresh flowers in a small vase or jar by their bed.

11. Take a trip down memory lane, and glue some photos of fun times you’ve spent together into a card or foldout book.

12. Wrap their all-time favorite treat in pretty tissue paper, tie it up with a nice ribbon, and slip it in their lunchbox as an extra-special desert.

How do you surprise your kids?

Lorraine is a freelance parenting and food writer, and she shares her cooking adventures and family recipes at MixPlayEat.com.

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