12 Kids Share What They Loved Most About Their Teacher This Year

12 Kids Share What They Loved Most About Their Teacher This Year

Great teachers are so important to kids’ development, for more reasons than we know!

By Lorraine Allen

I hear a lot of parents worrying these days about whether their kids will have a good teacher each year. We lose sleep or we even try to talk to the administration sometimes, if we feel the assigned teacher is really not the right fit for our kid, because their education is so important for so many reasons.

Something I don’t hear too much, though, are kids’ personal opinions of their teachers -- what they love about them, and what it is about their personalities, their classrooms, their teaching methods, and assignments that really click with them. As the end of the school year approaches, here, 12 kids share what they loved most about their teachers this year.

1. “She smells so nice. Like flower petals!” -- (my kid) Lina, 6, kindergarten

2. “I love my teacher because she is always smiling. Even when I forget my homework.” -- Jade, 8, second grade

3. “He’s awesome because he’s a guy. He’s the only guy who teaches any grades under fifth grade at my school! So I’m so lucky!” -- Luke, 8, third grade

4. “I like how she chooses a ‘Student of the Week.’ I was ’Student of the Week‘ just last week!” -- Audrey, 6, first grade

5. “She knows everything about all the flowers and trees and takes us to the park if the weather is nice. Last week, we found worm eggs!” -- Charlotte, 5, kindergarten

6. “I love her because she doesn’t give us homework on weekends or holidays. Or snow days.” -- Molly, 8, second grade

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7. “She’s really tough, but she explains things so well. It’s like suddenly anyone can understand geometry.” -- Jane, 16, 11th grade


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8. “My teacher this year is so awesome because he can actually do magic tricks!” -- Isaac, 10, fifth grade

9. “I like her because she lets us rest on the rug if we’re tired. And it’s soft.” -- Gus, 5, kindergarten

10. “My teacher speaks three languages! So she teaches us songs in French and Italian! Also, I can count in three languages now. Can you do that?” -- Timmy, 7, first grade

11. “She’s so cool because if someone’s having a really bad day, she gets it. She’ll take it easy with them. You just have to tell. You can, like, tell her stuff, and she understands.” -- Hal, 14, ninth grade

12. “I love her because she NEVER gives a pop quiz. Like, never in her life. She said that! I hate pop quizzes. So this year I didn’t have to worry about them. Not ONE single time!” -- Max, 9, third grade

What do your kids love most about their teacher this year?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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