12 Moms Reveal the Awesome Parenting Skills They Never Realized They Had

12 Moms Reveal the Awesome Parenting Skills They Never Realized They Had

Women share the hidden parenting skills they were surprised to discover.

By Lauren Brown

It’s safe to say that all moms have that one thing they’re especially worried about not being good at. For me, I was sure I would never be able to figure out what my baby wanted. I envisioned myself a crying, panicked mess every time she cried or wouldn’t sleep. Instead, I’m shocked that -- without a flinch of anxiety -- I could look at my daughter and just know she needed time in the swing or was ready to go to bed for the night. It’s a skill that instantly boosted my parental confidence and has made my journey as a mom so much more fun. Here, 12 other moms share the parenting skills they couldn’t believe they possessed!

1. “I was worried that I'd be really high strung and micromanage my kids, because I tend to be anxious. Turns out, I am more relaxed and laid back in my parenting style. Last time I visited my doctor -- I have PTSD -- she laughed and told me that I had everyone fooled, because to an outsider, I am one chill mama!” -- Abra C., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

2. “I'm surprisingly more patient then I've ever been. I'm good at not getting frustrated with my son when he is throwing a tantrum or acting like a toddler. I'm also really good at hitting the high notes in ‘Let It Go,’ -- or so I think I am!” -- Jessica M., Chicago, Illinois

3. “I was always super organized, and now, I am mega organized with sports, school, and social schedules. It's a balancing act, but I thrive on using my write-in agenda book versus my cell phone, and also write on a home calendar. Each kid has different things going on, and it's their responsibility to fill in their calendars. With homework, lunches, and nightly routines, chores are assigned and followed through to make my lists move easily.” -- Michelle G., Coral Springs, Florida

4. “Getting my kid to laugh. My daughter is known for her mega-watt, two-tooth smile, and her dad and I like to think it’s because we're super silly at home -- dancing, making faces, singing songs, etc. Madelyn gets hysterical, and we love it!” -- Amanda K., Hoboken, New Jersey

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5. “Generally speaking, I am a pretty risk-averse person and not very coordinated, so as a child and young adult, I had always avoided scary new adventures and sports like skiing or paddle boarding. Not anymore! I swear it's because I did just fine at the scariest physical challenge of all: giving birth. I think everything else seems relatively easy in comparison. And it's also because I am trying to introduce my young sons to these things and have to set a good example. I'm enjoying the thrill of the first time as an adult again and again, and it's a total joy.” -- Lauren B., New York City

6. “I'm doing well with navigating the complicated questions about spirituality and the universe, much to my surprise. Being honest is key -- especially being able to tell her that I don't have all the answers!” -- Colleen C., Norwalk, Connecticut

7. “Being neat and organized. Bills and budgets [were] never a priority. Now, I am alarmed and annoyed to discover a dirty dish in the sink, and I have a color-coded digital calendar for bills, activities, and appointments.” -- Nikki M., Winter Park, Florida

8. “I am really good at following my mommy instincts -- I had no idea I even had them! For example: breastfeeding. It comes surprisingly easy, and I actually love the bond. Who knew? I used to think I would be weirded out.” -- Amy I., Randolph, Vermont


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9. “My ability to go into ‘mommy mode’ in an instant without thinking. Whether that's swiftly dealing with a complete blowout in public -- without freaking out -- or suddenly remembering infant CPR training when my child suddenly looked like he was struggling with a piece of food -- without freaking out.” -- Noreen K., New York City

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10. “Naturally having so much patience with the little one -- even in the gross situations.” -- Roxy W., Stamford, Connecticut

11. “Getting everyone out of the house on time! I have no idea how I ever did it and who knows how it will be with two – my second is on the way this summer.” -- Nicole C., Norwalk, Connecticut

12. “The one thing I've learned I'm exceptionally good at since becoming a mom is the art of distraction. My kids hate having their hair washed and their diaper changed, among other things, and often times, I'm the only one between my husband and I who can get the job done because I have become a master at distracting so they don't even know it's happening.” -- Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

What is the parenting skill you’ve realized you possess?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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