12 Moms Share the Heartwarming Things Their Kids Did That Left Them Speechless

12 Moms Share the Heartwarming Things Their Kids Did That Left Them Speechless

These stories are so super sweet they might leave you speechless, too!

By Wendy Robinson

Sometimes it seems like being a parent means constantly talking -- often saying the same thing over and over (“Put that down! No, no! Put that down! Down. RIGHT NOW!”). But every so often there are the parenting moments that just leave you speechless, stunned at the depth of your child’s empathy, kindness, and love. Here, 13 moms share what those moments were like for them. Warning: You may need tissues!

1. “I had just learned the news that my grandmother was dying, and I wasn't able to hide the tears from my children. My 6-year-old daughter is always empathetic to such things, always offering a hug or kiss. But then my 3-year-old son, who had been engrossed with superhero figurines, started singing in this high, soft, and sweet voice, ‘Don't cry, Mama. We're here for you. Don't cry, Mama. I'll take care of you ...’ It was so sweet, raw, and pure that I was stunned to silence and gratitude.” -- Melissa H.

2. “When we were at the grocery store, my 6-year-old asked if I needed flowers. He always picks some out for me when we go.” -- Patricia P.

3. “My 2-and-1/2-year-old daughter said ‘I love you’ to me, unsolicited, for the first time yesterday. Did I mention it was my birthday? Made it even better!” -- Margaret M.

4. “I was stressing out over my bake sale chocolates looking a mess, and my daughter (age 4 and 1/2) watched me having a mini-meltdown and said, ‘I want people to be proud of you, but I don't care if they are not, because I'm proud of you.’ I was kind of embarrassed that a little kid read my neurosis so astutely, but really touched by what she said.” -- Carrie N.

5. “My 2-year-old found a picture of my nephew standing near the grave of my mom. He asked about it, and I explained that it was a grave for my mom who died. He got very quiet and reflective and then said, ‘The vacuum died too.’ Brought tears to my eyes because, somehow, I knew he got it! (The vacuum is one of his most favorite items.)” --Kate H.

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6. “So last week, my older son said, ‘I love you’ back to me at bedtime. He has mild Asperger's and the way it affects him is that he does not grasp social cues at all. He is affectionate with me but saying ‘I love you’ in response is not something he typically does.” -- Jessica G.

7. “My son, just turned 8, has recently started saying ‘Mom, I'm so sorry you are having a rough day,’ when I'm on a short fuse or, ‘I'm sorry Sister is being so annoying.’ Then, he gives me a hug.” -- Susi


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8. “Last night, we had friends over for dinner. Our kiddos call them Aunt and Uncle. They recently miscarried for the second time this year, so are still emotionally and physically going through things. We were talking, and my 3-year-old reaches to Uncle and strokes his arm and then asked, ‘Are you sad? I don't want you to be sad anymore. I think you should be happy.’ And then he hugged him and started singing a song with the line, ‘Think about how someone else is feeling,’ from one of his favorite TV shows. There wasn't a dry grownup eye at the table. In that moment, he understood empathy.” -- Liz K.

9. “My kids are 3 and 6 and drive each other crazy. Sometimes, it feels like all I’m doing is breaking up fights between them. But last week, we were at the park and some bigger kids were picking on my daughter. My son didn’t know I was watching as he stood up and told them to leave his little sister alone. He even stood in front of her, protecting her as she hugged his back. I was in tears.” -- Elizabeth C.

10. “Last night we were eating dinner and my 7-year-old started asking my husband about his father, who passed away almost 20 years ago. He asked my husband if he still missed his daddy and if he ever still talked to him in his imagination. Then he patted my husband’s back and said, ‘I know he still loves you.’ He was so sweet and sincere about it and my heart felt awfully full at that moment.” -- Frannie W.

11. “I was a single mom for years until I got married last year. My son is 13 and has been doing OK with the transition to having a stepdad, though it hasn’t always been easy. Still, I was totally stunned when he asked me if we were going to have any babies and then said, ‘You should. You’re the best mom, and he is a good dad. A kid would be lucky to have you two for their whole life.’ And then he put his headphones on and wandered back to his room. Who knew he was thinking about stuff like that?” -- Katie S.

12. “In our house, we have a Friday night tradition of watching a movie and having snacks for dinner. We’ve been doing it for years, and I was worried my girls might be outgrowing it, but last week my 11-year-old flopped on the couch next to me on Friday night and said, ‘This is totally the best part of my week.’ And she wasn’t even rolling her eyes when she said it! Amazing!” -- Sam R.

What was your most “speechless” moment?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.com.

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