12 Silly Little Things Moms Do That Drive Their Kids Nuts

12 Silly Little Things Moms Do That Drive Their Kids Nuts

These 12 silly things drive kids up the wall, and moms aren’t sorry.

By Maria Mora

Who says parenting is serious business? Every mom has her own special way of letting loose and breaking the tension of stressful parenting routines. The thing is, kids aren’t always as amused by the silly little things moms do. What kids don’t know is that moms are totally immune to those eye rolls and cringes. We do what we want. Here are 12 things moms do that drive their kids absolutely bonkers.

1. Using funny voices - When the going gets tough, it’s time to start using funny voices while addressing the kids. “Speaking with a British accent drives my 3-year-old nuts,” says Indra V. from Michigan. Works every time.

2. Ridiculous displays of affection - Who doesn’t love acting out dramatic film scenes? (Other than kids. Kids do not like it.) “I pretend I'm crying and yell, ‘I love you!’ in public,” says Amy H. from Illinois.

3. Singing in the grocery store - It’s not quite singing in the rain, but it’s still a lot of fun. Especially when kids aren’t behaving and need to be distracted. “I sing loudly to ABBA in the grocery store while dancing,” says Heather P. from Florida. “Nothing makes a teenager more proud!”

4. Constantly checking temperatures - When my kids have a sore throat or act sleepy or cranky, I go into fever watch mode. They sigh and dutifully tilt their heads so I can check their ears with a thermometer about 12 times an evening.

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5. Public displays of affection - Kids are notoriously grossed out by handholding moms and dads. So of course, moms love a little modest public display of affection. It’s fun to watch kids squirm.

6. Dancing in the car - When certain songs come on the radio, I dance at every red light. My kids find it completely mortifying. Does it stop me? Absolutely not.

7. Making silly faces - Every parent makes silly faces at babies. But for some parents, that behavior continues even when kids get older. “I make insane faces in public,” says Jennifer L. from California, mom of a 9-year-old.


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8. Playful practical jokes - “When they walk in front of the car, my husband always beeps the car horn,” says Amy H. It drives her kids batty, but she loves it.

9. Calling their bluff - “I offer to take my daughter to the hospital with any and all illnesses,” says Diane M. from Florida. She’s not the only one. Nearly every mom we spoke to habitually offered to drive kids to the emergency room or call 911 if they cried a lot over tiny injuries.

10. Making little corrections - Older kids don’t like being told what to do, but moms can’t help it. “Correcting their posture,” says Mary F. from California. “Pushing up their eyeglasses.” These little nagging moments are teaching them valuable lessons, right?

11. Listing chores - My kids have a tendency to whine about chores. I always make a point of detailing every single chore and responsibility required to run our household and how I do so much more. It drives them nuts, but once in a while the point sticks for a few days.

12. Being a bigger pest - Kids pester parents for things all the time. It’s fun to turn the tables on them. “I like to ask them to get something right after I see them sit down,” says Jo Z. from Minnesota.

What do you do that drives your kids nuts?

Maria Mora is communications director at Big Sea Design and Development in St. Petersburg, Florida. She lives with her two sons and their rescue terriers.

Image ©iStock.com/Pekic

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