13 Moms Reveal How They Spend 5 Minutes Alone

13 Moms Reveal How They Spend 5 Minutes Alone

Moms reveal what they do with five minutes of alone time.

By Lauren Brown

Being a mom means hardly ever getting any time alone. It seems someone always needs your undivided attention for playing, diaper changing, feeding, carpooling, clothes changing, or nose wiping. So when moms find themselves with even just five minutes free … well, you know how hard it is to choose just one thing to do in that precious time. We asked 13 moms to come clean about what they really do when they look around and realize they’re all alone!

1. “Tweeze eyebrows and floss my teeth!” – Laura M., New York City

2. “You know that feeling when you sit down with an iced coffee and a good book? Oh wait, me neither. Honestly, what I do is try and plan – plan what’s next on my agenda, where I need to go next, what time pickup is. I think best when I am alone. And if I get an extra minute after that I usually go on my guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip websites.” – Kimberly A., Freehold, New Jersey

3. “Online shopping!” – Samantha P., Fairfield, Connecticut

4. “Ashamed [to admit it] but I go to the bathroom WHILE reading a book.” – Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

5. “I clean the house!” – Kimberly F., Miami, Florida

6. “Do my nails, lay down, shower, clean the kitchen, use the bathroom – alone!” – Marielle W., Stamford, Connecticut

7. “Cleaning and TV show catch-up!” – Stephanie K., Atlanta, Georgia

8. “Nap!” – Jeanna W., Atlanta, Georgia


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9. “Remove the nail polish from my nails from three weeks ago.” Roxy W., Stamford, Connecticut

10. “Shave my legs without worry!” – Colleen Q., Darien, Connecticut

11. “Sadly, I rush to mop the hardwood floors and hope it dries fast enough before little feet start stomping all over it ... sigh.” – Noreen K., New York City

12. “Water the plants on balcony, catch up on reading, [h]air treatment, walk around naked!” – Rochelle M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

13. “Shower or go to the bathroom.” – Brett G., Plantation, Florida

How would you spend five minutes all by yourself?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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