13 Moms Share the Best Advice They’ve Gotten From Another Mom

13 Moms Share the Best Advice They’ve Gotten From Another Mom

Sometimes you just need the “been there, done that” advice only other moms can give.

By Jeanne Sager

Every parent has gotten some colossally bad parenting advice over the years. And yet, we keep coming back to the well, hoping that this time around someone who’s slogged their way through these particular trenches will throw a rope back and let us grab hold.

Sometimes, they do. Most moms are walking around with a gem from another mom that’s gotten them through dark times. It’s the sort of advice they might pass along as their own one day. In the meantime, here’s a look at what they’ve learned … so you can use it when you’re down:

1. “If your child is being a total beast for no reason at all, slip them a snack. They may just be hangry. Don't ask if they're hungry -- just hand them a cracker.” -- Kate T.

2. “Cherish the advice that resonates with you, and dismiss the advice that strikes you as garbage. In short, trust your instincts.” -- Sakinah I.

3. “Don't let your child hand you their trash (juice box, tissues, etc.), make them throw it out themselves.” -- Mesa G.

4. “Stop worrying about what other moms do. Do what works for you and do what you have to do to survive.” -- Terri W.

5. “It's OK to let your child cry a little bit if you need a mental health break. What's worse: your child crying while you calmly take a break, or you freaking out and scaring your child?" -- Maggie May E.

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6. “Nothing is perfect. Leave the mess, laundry, [and] dishes, and play with the kiddos!” -- Kate S-J.

7. “You know your child. Don't second guess yourself.” -- Kristy D.


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8. “Buy one parenting book, and pick two parents who you think are doing a good job. Use those three sources for suggestions and shut the other noise out.” -- Elizabeth W.

9. “Always communicate with your spouse.” -- Jamie U.

10. “Worrying is like paying a bill for a debt not yet in incurred.” -- Fay C.

11. “Use the term ‘body rest’ when a child claims they can't sleep. Say ‘Okay, but back to bed, at least you'll be getting body rest. No, you don't necessarily have to take a nap, but we are all having a 30 minute period of body rest.’” -- Erin B.

12. “Pick your battles wisely. Not everything is worth an argument.” -- Tracy S.

13. "If you need to step away from a baby who's safe but crying so you can take a minute, do. It's better for everybody." -- Asha R.

What’s best bit of advice you’ve gotten from another mom?

Jeanne Sager is a freelance writer, photographer and social media junkie. She lives in upstate New York with her husband, daughter, and way too many pets. You can follow her @JeanneSager.

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The 2 best pieces of advice I received was: 1. keep your child warm, dry, fed and loved, everything else will take care of itself. 2. Listen to them when their problems are small, and they will still come to you when their problems are big.

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