13 Moms Share the Craziest Things They've Found in Their Kids' Mouths, Noses, and Ears

13 Moms Share the Craziest Things They've Found in Their Kids' Mouths, Noses, and Ears

You won’t believe what these kids were caught putting in their bodies!

By Leah Maxwell

Considering how much effort it takes to get good, healthy food into our kids, it’s a little maddening how often we catch them putting bad, unhealthy non-food into their mouths… and noses … and ears. All it takes is a few seconds while you’re looking the other way, and BOOM, your kid is cheerily munching on some unidentified object that you’re hoping against hope isn’t going to land you in the emergency room. We asked moms to tell us about the crazy, hilarious, mystifying, and downright disgusting things they’ve found in their kids’ mouths, noses, and ears. You won’t believe some of their answers.

1. “My 2-year-old put those pellets from inside a stuffed animal in his ears. We found about 15 in his ears and a little stuffed doggie with a hole in it. We flushed his ears with water, used tweezers, flashlight, etc. and thought we got them all. We took him to the doctor the next day, and they still found one more!” -- Alicia W., Salt Lake City, Utah

2. “My daughter crammed shredded cheese up her nose. Just kept shoving it up there. That was fun trying to scoop it out.” -- Katie G., Sterling Heights, Michigan

3. “My son popped a dead june bug into his mouth as if it were popcorn.” -- Audrey S., Colorado Springs, Colorado

4. “A live wasp. Eleven months old. Still alive when she did the finger sweep to get it out.” -- Wendy R., St. Paul, Minnesota

5. “My son Bobby once stuck two little animal-shaped toy sponges up the same nostril of his little tiny nose. I have no idea how he got them both to fit! My husband also caught my daughter sticking [candy] up her nose, and when he asked her why she did that, she said, ‘Bobby did it first,’ and sure enough, he had one in his nose too!” -- Jeni H., Lowell, Massachusetts

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6. “I fished a whole leaf out of my son’s mouth one time AT the doctor. Must have been in there for like 45 minutes.” -- Elsha V., Kansas City, Kansas

7. “Dog poop. Pumpkin tea light. Outlet covers she pulled out of the wall. Sheet of stamps. Two mini screwdrivers. Roly poly.” -- Lynnette D., Burbank, California

8. “A peanut in my daughter’s nose when she was 3 years old! We didn’t find it, but her older brother told us within minutes of it happening. This ended up in the emergency room. It took two nurses, a doctor, and me to hold her down to get it out!” -- Laura J., Muscle Shoals, Alabama


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9. “When my son was about 4, he told me something was stuck in his ear. Every time I looked I didn’t see anything, so I brushed it off. A few days go by and he’s still talking about something in his ear. I took him to urgent care and while we waited I asked him what was in there. He looked around, leaned in and whispered, ‘A diamond!’ I thought, ‘This kid is playing me!’ But we waited to be seen anyway just in case. Sure enough, the doctor did in fact find something in his ear: a craft diamond that glues to fabric!” -- Becky L. , Durham, North Carolina

10. “A penny from a public bathroom floor — mere inches from a urinal. Just picked it up and stuck it in her mouth.” -- Clio V., Los Angeles, California

11. “My daughter had to have an apple stem removed from her nose when she was 3. The ER doc said it was a first for him.” -- Heather M., Yreka, California

12. “One day, my daughter got play dough stuck in her ear. And a week later, she put a fancy crayon in her other ear. We ended up having to take her to the doctor to get both out.” -- Lynette R., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

13. “A pea. Scratch that -- two peas. She got them in her nose during lunch and I used tweezers to get one out. I didn’t notice the other one till she sneezed it out. It fell in my hand and she asked, ‘Can I eat that?’ NOPE.” -- Amy S., Washington, DC

What crazy things have you found in your kids’ mouths, noses, and ears?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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