13 Moms Share the Kid Milestones That Took Their Breath Away

13 Moms Share the Kid Milestones That Took Their Breath Away

We expect to get emotional over first words and steps – not moments like these!

By Debbie Koenig

I still get teary when I see photos from my son’s first haircut, and that was seven years ago. Seeing those fine, blond, baby curls on the floor, knowing that his hair would grow in straight and brown, still makes me wistful. Assuming I’m not the only one who feels a lump in her throat over innocuous events, I started to ask around. Sure enough, every mom had one particularly bittersweet memory:

“The first time my baby looked at my husband and at me and I could see his face shift with recognition that his two people knew each other. It was wild.” – Julie R., Tucson, Arizona

“The last day of daycare/preschool. We'd been there for six plus years between both girls, and I seriously cried myself to sleep that night.” – Gretchen S., Bangor, Maine

“My first started kindergarten and my last turned 2 – on the same day. I may have cried a lot.” – Sabrina L., Round Rock, Texas

“When she started reading out loud. I felt like it was something that happened overnight. Like we'd gone to bed on a Tuesday and some switch got flipped during the night, and on Wednesday, voila! Instead of me reading to my daughter at night, here she is reading to me!” – Julie C., New York City

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“The first time he wrote something all on his own, and it said ‘Mama.’” – Cynthia D., Austin, Texas

“When he recognized that a homeless person needed help and gave the man his snack.” –Aileen W., Westerville, Ohio

“The day he reached for my hand first, not me grabbing for it. So sweet. Those little fingers resting in mine. Reminded me how fragile life is, yet he was showing me something even greater.” – Jackie D., Phoenix, Arizona

Four simultaneously first loose teeth! Right now! Knowing her baby face is about to change makes my breath catch.” – Tara D., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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“My daughter just beamed at me this morning because she realized she could see the egg in the pan on the stove!” – Maggie K., San Carlos, California

“When I realized that his feet fit into men’s-sized socks before he turned 9.” – Amanda B., East Brunswick, New Jersey

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“It was the first night we could go to a social event and not have us taking turns tailing the kids. I remember going to this party at someone's house, and the kids being off doing their own thing, and us being completely calm, and I thought, ‘OMG, we have all just turned this huge corner.’” – Kim F., Las Vegas, Nevada

“The first time my older son wrote an apology letter to his brother, totally unprompted, and in closing said, ‘You're my best buddy because I'm your best buddy.’ Literally took my breath away.” – Sarina A., New York City

“When my oldest son offered to put his youngest brother to bed instead of having the babysitter do it. Read to him, sang to him, rubbed his head until he was happily asleep. Does it every time we are out now.” – Jesse Z., Los Angeles, California

Which of your children’s milestones still make you sentimental?

Debbie Koenig writes about family and food, and is the author of the cookbook Parents Need to Eat Too. Find her at debbiekoenig.com.

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