13 Moms Share Their Best Kid-Related Investments

13 Moms Share Their Best Kid-Related Investments

Moms recommend what’s really worth spending your money on.

By Lauren Brown

Every mom has that one item or experience they swear by – and sometimes she’s so passionate about spreading the word that you might wonder if she’s getting paid for her endorsement. When a mom finds something that works and makes life easier, she’s a fan for life and will pay almost any amount of money for it! Read on for what 13 moms are happy to fund for their kids. (And you can tell they’re genuinely enthusiastic because they use so! many! exclamation! points! to tell you why they love these things!)

1. “Swimming lessons. They’re a fortune in the city, but man is that money well spent!” – Lauren B., New York City

2. “Gym classes starting around 4 months. My daughter loved social interaction and the physical encouragement has her moving confidently. Plus, it gave this mommy some sanity to talk to other moms!” – Marielle W., Stamford, Connecticut

3. “When my son was a baby up until a few years old, I had two items that I was happy to have. The first was a turtle that projected stars on his ceiling. The second was a projector that came with three different discs that also played soothing music.” – Danielle F., Miami, Florida

4. “Baby carrier and wrap! Best way to get around hands-free!” – Samantha P., Fairfield, Connecticut

5. “A highchair that becomes a booster seat. A great two-in-one space-and-money saver!” – Nicole C., Norwalk, Connecticut

6. “The jungle play mat is the only toy that allows me time to do housework – my son still loves it now at 6 and 1/2 months. Also a Mommy and Me yoga class -- we get quality time together and get out of the house to see other babies and meet mamas!” – Melissa D., Stamford, Connecticut

7. “White noise machine. A lifesaver to get my toddler and newborn to sleep and stay sleeping!” Melissa B., Orlando, Florida

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8. “White noise machine, any good baby carrier and [high-quality] clothes. Swim lessons also have been great as well as a family membership to our rec center. Even with two very small children we are able to get a lot out of it for everyone.” – Melanie R., Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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9. “Private school... A great education is priceless!” – Angelica B., Los Angeles, California

10. “The baby swing -- that thing saved [me] on many occasions during many meltdowns!” – Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

11. “Bouncer seats. My twins could be fed at the same time in them. They loved being able to bounce themselves when they were older!” – Debbie F., Miami, Florida

12. “Vacations to places like Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., and even semi-local cities. [The kids] talk about and remember them later (or I have the pictures to help them remember) and they’re great formative experiences. Why just read about places or see them on TV and in movies when you can experience them? Even the simple things in life take on new meaning while on vacation -- like transportation and dining!” – Erica S., Davie, Florida

13. “Hands down, a [burp cloth/bib hybrid]. I know it’s a small item and $10 per bib/burp cloth is insane, but they are the absolute best. They are huge, fit perfectly on your shoulder, are double sided, and convert into an actual bib with the snap. Of course they have cute prints too. They are a total splurge that's definitely worth it -- and a great gift for new moms.” – Roxy W., Stamford, Connecticut

What’s been your best investment for your kids so far?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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