13 Parents Reveal Their Worst Kid Birthday Party Fails

13 Parents Reveal Their Worst Kid Birthday Party Fails

Kid parties can be stress filled, and these parents come clean about their big mistakes.

By Kelly Bryant

It doesn’t matter how often you swore you would never become one of those parents about your kid’s birthday parties. You know, the type that stresses over every little detail no matter how big or small the party is designed to be. Because at the end of the day, it’s your kid, and as parents, we want to make them happy. Generally speaking, it’s in our DNA to want to offer them magical memories and the absolute best we can possibly provide. Of course, the very same desire to provide the perfect experience can also result in some pretty epic fails. These 13 parents share the parties they’d like to do over.

1. “Forcing the kids to stick to my activity schedule. If they liked an activity, I learned to let them do it as long as they wanted. They were happier and occupied, so the parents were happier, too.” – Anne E., Simi Valley, California

2. “Spending money on a huge spread of food for the parents -- we could have just offered them the same food the kids were eating and called it a day. Instead, I let the place talk me into ordering a brunch for them!” – Meredith T., Springfield, New Jersey

3. “My biggest mistake is doing a party every year. I did one for Isabella for ages 1 to 4, and it was really not necessary. It was very expensive.” – Jen V., Glendale, California

4. “A big regret is doing any kind of cake other than vanilla or chocolate. At my own kids’ parties or at birthday parties we go to, if it is anything but chocolate or vanilla, kids take major issue, and you have an uneaten cake.” – Megan T., Lake Balboa, California

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5. “Don't make your own piñata! I was worried it would break too easily. I ended up putting way too many layers of papier-mâché. After beating the piñata, the thing had to be ripped apart by adults and the candy was just handed out.” – Jamie D., Orlando, Florida

6. “I regret not following up with people who didn't RSVP. Two kids showed up for a party, and 20 children were invited. My kiddo did not care. I did. We followed up this year.” – Meridith D., Pitman, New Jersey

7. “I wish I had figured out ahead of time that my kid is terrified of costume characters before I spent money to hire someone to wear the costume.” – Marc G., Los Angeles, California

8. “Trying to do everything myself is something I really regret – and I did it for years! I wanted to make all of the food and all of the decorations on my own. In the end, I was an exhausted wreck by the time of each party and didn’t have time to talk to any of the parents of my son’s guests.” – Carine R., North Bellmore, New York


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9. “Making parties at home. Worst idea ever.” – Tahanny C., Ellicott City, Maryland

10. “I regret not assigning someone to take photos and videos, or assigning my husband, who doesn't see the necessity of having ‘so many pictures of the same exact thing.’ Plus, after Skylar's second birthday party, he uploaded the pictures onto the computer, but didn't back them up on the hard drive -- cut to the computer crashing and dying. I have zero pictures of her second birthday. I was and still am devastated over that!” – Monica B., Charlotte, North Carolina

11. “We did one of my son West’s parties at a restaurant where the kids could play outside. It rained. We ended up taking everyone back to a ‘not company clean’ house!” – Jane F., Venice, California

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12. “I made this homemade ladybug smash cake for my daughter's first birthday party. It had red icing and black polka dots. Well, she dug right into in and smeared it all over her face like babies are supposed to do. But because it was red, she looked like a baby zombie eating brains! Funny pictures, but somewhat horrifying.” – Nicole C., Los Angeles, California

13. “By trying to ‘save’ money, we had a party at the house -- more specifically, the backyard. So, we invested a lot of money in beautifying the yard in order to save a few hundred bucks by not going to a party place. I'm pretty sure we spent way more than a party place would have cost, on the party-specific stuff anyway.” – Jeremy S., Torrance, California

What has been your biggest birthday party fail?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

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