13 Resolutions Moms Want Their Kids to Make in 2015

13 Resolutions Moms Want Their Kids to Make in 2015

Less whining? Eat more veggies? Moms share the resolutions they want their kids to make!

By: Heather Chaet

As I sat on the couch writing my New Year’s resolutions for 2015, my daughter was next to me, also with paper and pencil (she was drawing some sort of cat kingdom). With one eyebrow raised, she asked me what I was doing, and I told her that I was listing what I wanted to work on next year, otherwise known as making resolutions.

“So, what’s on your list?” she inquired, peering at my paper. I read off what I had so far: being more present in what I’m actually doing at any given moment, exercising at least three times a week, taking the first steps to write a book, and flossing every night. (Side note: Flossing has been on my list every year since 1997.) She stared at me and said, “You might want to cut back on the coffee too.”

Inspired, she put aside her artwork and started writing her own list of resolutions. A good 23 minutes went by. Finally, she turned to me and asked, “What do YOU think I should resolve?” I thought about it. “I think you should resolve to put your dirty socks in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor by your shoes,” I replied. With the most serious look on her face, she nodded and scribbled it down. Yeah, we’ll see if that happens.

This little couch chat with my daughter made me wonder what other moms want their kids to work on in 2015. So, I asked 13 moms to share what they wish they could put on their kids’ New Year’s resolution lists.

1. “The one resolution I want my kid to make is to talk to us more about what she's thinking and feeling.” -- Jeanne, mom of Jill, 9

2. “The resolution for my kid? Move out. OK, on a serious note, I want her to open up and advocate for herself more.” -- Kelly, mom of Madeleine, 12

3. “I would love for him to be mindful in 2015.” -- Pam, mom of Ben, 10

4. “My New Year’s resolution for my daughter? To stop picking fights with her siblings when she's bored.” -- Rebecca, mom of Daniela, 10

5. “Enter rehab for her smartphone addiction!” -- Lizzie, mom of Sophie, 13

6. “For my daughter, I wish she would lose the condescending and affected ‘teenage’ tone. It isn't who she is, but it comes out sometimes, and it drives me nuts! For my son, I hope he increases the variety of foods he eats. He is very limited, and I get concerned that this will affect his health. Plus, it’s so boring!” -- Ava, mom of Halia, 11, and Jace, 7

7. “Say goodnight and go to bed without giving us a hassle. I know, I'm dreaming.” -- Jessica, mom of Nathan, 6, Liv, 5, and Julien, 22 months

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8. “Learn to blow their own noses!” -- Claire, mom of Mason, 8, and Molly, 7

9. “This is a crazy hard question. Why? Because the things I would like them both to work on are pretty petty, but would really make my life easier, such as stop making a big deal over how your clothes feel and remembering to bring home your homework. However, my main resolution is I would like them to continue to beg me for free play time so that I don't forget how much they really need it.” -- Christine, mom of Eliza, 9, and Hudson, 6

10. “Our only resolution better happen: They MUST work on their table manners. It's like eating with wild dogs.” -- Sharon, mom of Skyler, 10, and Reece, 8

11. “Just one?! But, I have a whole host of things: get (even) better at not being bored, learn that it's OK to disagree with Mom and Dad (especially if you can explain why), stay able to laugh at yourself, find something you are passionate about and determined to get good at, learn what determination and tenacity feels like, learn how to relax … and learn how to make a list like this -- even the same list -- for your parents!” -- Kristina, mom of Leo, 7, and Sam, 5

12. “I want my son to make better food choices. We eat very healthy all the time but, in his perfect world, it would be ice cream for breakfast, cookies for lunch, and cookies (again) for dinner (though I can't say I blame him). I wish my older daughter would think before she speaks more. She has all good intentions, but sometimes doesn't realize what comes out of her mouth hurts other people’s feelings (too much for a 5-year-old? Maybe?). And the baby? I want her to get off the breast milk. Well, not really!” -- Jennifer, mom of Max, 7, Maya, 5, and Lily, 7 months

13. “My resolution for them: Get all pee in the toilet and flush. I know. It’s a lot to ask.” -- Kimberly, mom of Cole, 10, Brent, 10, and Asher, 6

What would you put on your kids’ New Year’s resolution list?

Heather Chaet documents her mini parenting successes, epic mommy fails, and everything in between for a plethora (love that word!) of publications and websites such as CafeMom, New York Family, and AdWeek. While her online persona is found at heatherchaet.com , Heather lives in New York City with her film director husband and one insanely curious, cat-obsessed daughter.

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