13 Unique Mother’s Day Traditions You’ll Want to Steal

13 Unique Mother’s Day Traditions You’ll Want to Steal

Here’s your guide to making sure Mom feels the love on her special day.

By Leah Maxwell

Some say motherhood is its own reward, but show me the mother who doesn’t also like to be acknowledged for her efforts, and I’ll eat this potted orchid. Mother’s Day is a time to make sure all the moms in our lives feel appreciated, including mothers, mother figures, girlfriends whose parenting inspires us, and anyone else who steps into the often-thankless role. Even though none of them do it for the annual spoils of Mother’s Day, you should absolutely take the opportunity every May to spoil them (or let yourself be spoiled!) anyway. Below, real women share the Mother’s Day traditions they look forward to every year.

1. “We go shopping for flowers for the hanging baskets on our deck every year on Mother’s Day. The rule of thumb in Colorado is no planting until after Mother’s Day (so plants don’t freeze and die), so it’s a nice way to celebrate the warmer weather. We came up with it on a whim on my first Mother’s Day and have been doing it ever since. I love it.” -- Audrey S., Colorado Springs, Colorado

2. “My husband bought a journal-style book, and the girls write messages and draw pictures/handprints.” -–Dalziel W., Coaldale, Alberta

3. “It’s not technically a tradition yet, but last year my daughter gave me a gift certificate to a restaurant so SHE could take ME out to breakfast. I loved it. She was so proud to be able to pay herself. I mean, she was 5, so obviously my husband helped with the gift certificate acquisition, but she was SO PROUD. Also, I got breakfast! So everyone won.” -- Angela C., Seattle, Washington

4. “For the last several years, I have camped out in bed all day. My family brings me breakfast and lunch in bed. I read, rest, maybe watch a baseball game or a movie. Then, in the late afternoon, I shower and go out for a nice dinner with my family and my sister’s family. I look forward to this day every year.” -- Laura D., Walnut Creek, California

5. “I like sleeping in, being relieved of all ‘mom’ duties, ditching everyone to be alone for a pedi or similar. I am desperate for a couple of hours of alone time with no one touching me or asking me for things. (Hi, I’m cranky.)” -- Jenny L., Santa Cruz County, California

6. “I try to remember to send my friends cards, which is relatively new and something I find fun.” -- Caitlin H., San Diego

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7. “I’m trying to start one where the night before I go to a hotel all by myself and order every dessert on the room service menu and eat it while binge-watching terrible TV and then, sleep without anyone touching me or waking me up. But I’m not sure I can actually get anyone else in my house to agree that it’s a brilliant idea.” -- Erin K., Leesburg, Virginia

8. “We go out to breakfast, and my son pays. He’s 3, so obviously he doesn’t, but it is so sweet. He also picks my gifts. I have the best (or worst) tacky sock collection.” -- Steph F., State College, Pennsylvania


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9. “I send the boys to take my mother-in-law out. I get me time, she gets Mother’s Day lunch, and I don’t have to be there. That is my gift.” -- Erin J., Memphis, Tennessee

10. “Taking my daughter to see the NYC Ballet! I do like to slip out for a pedicure during the day when possible, but I mostly want together time with my girl.” -- Meredith S., Manhattan, New York City

11. “My husband takes the kids to the dollar store in the morning, and they can pick ANYTHING. It results in some really funny gifts. Last year, I got a sand shovel, a back scratcher, and an LED monkey lantern.” -- Ashley B., Las Vegas, Nevada

12. “My husband buys my favorite bakery donuts, and we all have a leisurely breakfast and coffee. Then, he takes the kids out for the day so I can do whatever I want. They come home and make dinner. It’s kind of the best.” -- Sara B., West Seneca, New York

13. “I want nothing. Literally nothing. Please leave me alone all day.” -- Kate S., San Jose, California

What do you look forward to on Mother’s Day?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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