13 Women Reveal Their Biggest 'Mommy Brain' Moments

13 Women Reveal Their Biggest 'Mommy Brain' Moments

Women detail the worst case of mommy brain they’ve ever suffered.

By Lauren Brown

You know how everyone says there are things no one ever tells you about until you become a mom? Well, if none of your experienced mom friends ever told you about “mommy brain,” it’s probably because they thought they did, couldn’t get the words out, or couldn’t remember what it was called. Yes, “mommy brain,” the phenomenon where you’re suddenly doing things like using pacifiers as keys to the car or showing up two days early (or late!) for appointments, is very real. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or maybe it’s just a special rite of passage for all moms – but whatever it is, becoming a mom means your brain starts working overtime to keep up with feedings, naps, and playdates along with your husband, your job, and your sanity … so mommy brain is inevitable. Here, 13 moms share the hilarious and even shocking ways they’ve been struck by this inevitable “condition.”

1. “When I was on the phone with my mom, flipping out because I couldn't find my phone.” -- Lindsay G., Norwalk, Connecticut

2. “How about being at my first meeting after giving birth the first time and nursing, and while at the meeting, exclaiming, as though I was talking to my baby, ‘That was a very, very good idea,’ and losing all ability to speak or react with ‘adult’ language. I sounded like an idiot, and all eyes were on me! I couldn't articulate as a business owner and waited another month before I took another client meeting! It was as if my brains came out with the baby milk!” -- Rochelle M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. “Getting in the carpool line at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday thinking it was early release day -- which is Wednesday. Then, wondering for the next five minutes why no one else is lined up yet!” -- Jen O., Orlando, Florida

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4. “I once sprayed one of my boys with bug spray instead of sunscreen. I realized it fairly quickly, but I felt like such a fool.” -- Evelyn B., Miami, Florida

5. “I set down a giant creamer into the cupboard next to a stack of coffee mugs. I did the same kind of thing when pregnant -- I put cereal boxes in the fridge unknowingly. How embarrassing!” -- Roxy W., Stamford, Connecticut

6. “I went to fill up my gas tank and couldn't get any gas to go into the car. I fought with the thing for a solid five minutes, with gas dribbling down the side of my car and onto the pavement. I thought something was wrong with my gas tank. Turns out it was full to the brim already – my husband filled it for me earlier in the day, and I didn’t notice.” -- Cie C., Norwalk, Connecticut

7. “I went to a ‘mom’s night out’ and freaked out that I left the pacifiers at home. Then, I realized the baby was at home with Daddy!” -- Meri W., Norwalk, Connecticut

8. “There was the time I swiped my credit card through the subway turnstile instead of my subway card. And one morning, I was so late I used my toner thinking it was eye makeup remover -- both are blue! I was in pain!” -- Lisa C., New York City


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9. “The worst is the constant jumble of words ... 'Please put the milk back in the computer!’ ‘Everybody get in the washing machine.’ ‘It's time for school, where's your flagpole?’ My husband is two more sentences away from having me committed.” -- Rebecca L., Albuquerque, New Mexico

10. “My biggest mommy brain moment would probably involve driving. One day, I started driving towards a meeting I had later in the day instead of towards my son's preschool to drop him off -- and he was in the car with me, mind you!” -- Kelly K., Los Angeles, California

11. “I left my car door wide open the entire time I was shopping at an outlet mall. Thankfully, nothing was stolen, but my computer was sitting in plain sight! I’ve also washed my keys more times than I'd like to admit. And I’ve legitimately panicked in the middle of the night that I left my daughter strapped to a shopping cart in a store, because I couldn't immediately recall what book we read at bedtime, and therefore it must mean she isn't in the house. Mom brain is real.” -- Mary W., Charlotte, North Carolina

12. “Let’s see, in one day I left my house in my slippers and had to go back for shoes. Tried to wash my face with shampoo and almost put my son’s food in my bag!” -- Nicole C., New York City

13. “Washing my face with hair conditioner. I’ve actually done that quite a few times!” -- Amy O., Miami Beach, Florida

What’s the worst case of “mommy brain” you’ve ever experienced?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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