13 Women Reveal What They Actually Love About Getting Older

13 Women Reveal What They Actually Love About Getting Older

Find out why these women say they’re only getting better with age.

By Leah Maxwell

It seems like the older you get, the more you are bombarded with messages that order you to look younger, act younger, and feel younger. And while there’s definitely something to be said for the fresh-faced glow of carefree youth, there are also plenty of wonderful things about embracing ourselves as we are now. When we asked 13 women what they love most about growing older, the answer that came up time and again was how much easier life is now that they care less about what other people think of them. The rest of their answers covered everything from fashion to finances, and the result is a list that proves we’re not just getting older -- we’re getting better.

1. “I love that I feel smarter about so much stuff -- money, love, friends, etc. I don’t know everything, but I’ve learned A LOT about what’s important in my life and how to make it a priority.” -- Katy F., Boston, Massachusetts

2. “As I get older, it’s easier to accept that there are unknowns and know that everything will turn out alright.” -- Emily, Calgary, Alberta

3. “I have the self-assurance to not put up with people who are toxic, self-absorbed, or generally unpleasant.” -- Meredith S., New York City

4. “I’ve figured out what clothes work for my body type, and I don’t worry as much about what the ‘cool kids’ are wearing. Talk about liberating!” -- Heather C., Oakland, California

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5. “I just like feeling more like a complete, capable, and experienced human being. I woke up on my 30th, stretched, and felt like a different person. Less pressure to ‘fit in’ and waaaaaaay less pressure to ‘be someone.’ More like, I’ll just ‘be,’ and that’s cool.” -- Sarah L., New York City

6. “Not being a crazy partier is no longer seen as being lame.” -- Blythe B., Portland, Oregon

7. “The older I get, the less I care about trivial things, and the more I realize that family and good friends are everything.” -- Becca S., Nashville, Tennessee

8. “Waking up early! Don’t know if I need less sleep as I’ve gotten older or just adjusted habits, but I became a morning person mid-30s.” -- Molly O., New York City


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9. “Smarts! I was so cute and fun when I was younger, but dear God was I dumb.” -- Sig H., Oakland, California

10. “[I like] not feeling like I have to have it all.” -- Deva C., Cincinnati, Ohio

11. “Perspective -- in all things. It is easier to stay true to myself, and it’s not worth getting all riled up about things.” -- Nancy G., Portland, Oregon

12. “I [no longer care] about keeping my mouth shut. I’m a grown lady, and if you treat me poorly, I’ll let you know.” -- Julia L., Seattle, Washington

13. “I love that I am happy. I have no angst, no drama, and I need fewer things to fill me up – now, it is people and experiences.” -- Kath S., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

What do you love about getting older?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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