14 Silly Little Things Dads Do That Drive Moms Nuts

14 Silly Little Things Dads Do That Drive Moms Nuts

Dads are loving and helpful, but their parenting habits can also be maddening at times.

By: Lorraine Allen

There is very little parents don’t do together, other than work. And no matter how great the love between a couple, or how amazing, caring, fun, or helpful a dad may be with raising kids, some fathers’ parenting habits can really drive a mom nuts, at times. Here, 14 moms share the silly little things their kids’ fathers do that get under their skin and make them totally crazy:

1. “He does not understand that little kids need to have schedules, for meals and bedtime and baths, etc. It drives me nuts that I have to keep reminding him.” -- Emily, South Carolina

2. “When he’s playing with the kids and I’m trying to work on other things or talk on the phone, they are always SO loud.” -- Angie, New York

3. “He never remembers where the kids’ things are in our house. Not even their clothes!” -- Reagan, New Jersey

4. “My husband thinks it’s funny to talk in silly voices with our kids. They think it’s funny too, but it makes me crazy sometimes,” -- Amy, New York

5. “He throws his clothes on the floor just like a kid.” Vivienne, New York

6. “Even when our daughter’s been acting terribly all day, he always tells me I’m too strict if I take toys away or forbid a TV show because of it. He’s way too soft.” -- Alia, New York.

7. “When he gives our kid a bath, it’s like a tsunami hit the bathroom -- and he never cleans it up!” -- Eliza, New York

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8. “My husband cannot put our sons to bed -- I don’t know why, it’s been seven years, but he just fails at it every time and it’s so frustrating for me. It’s not THAT hard! ” -- Blossom, Connecticut

9. “He tells our children not to do things, like leave the lights on or fridge open or TV volume up, but then he does those things himself!” -- Eileen, California


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10. “My husband never dresses our toddler warmly enough. He thinks our little girl never gets cold because she’s always running around and hates to wear hats and gloves and layers -- even when it’s 30 degrees out.” -- Carrie, Vermont

11. “He has a really loud voice, which never bothered me before, but now it wakes the baby up, all the time. Grrr!” -- Alexandra, Massachusetts

12. “I can’t stand how he lets my sons make the biggest messes ever anytime he’s watching them, and then when I ask him to have them clean it up, they’ll shove everything into corners or shelves, and it’s still a total mess I have to fix.” -- Jeannie, New York

13. “He never hurries -- even if the baby is screaming or the phone is ringing, he takes his time. I’m, like, ‘GO! Please!’” -- Robin, Massachusetts

14. “My husband (who is almost 50) acts like a total kid when he’s around our children. They love goofing off with him, but I really wish he would behave more like a parent.” -- Debra, Florida

What silly little things does your husband do as a parent that drive you nuts?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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Wow when I read this and then see so many ppl comment on what irritates them I was like how I wish my husband who is in the home as well would even so much as do half the things that irritate most of you all..makes me feel some are ungrateful for having what most of us don't..my husband will not goof around with our kids in the floor making alot of noise or be loud or search around for the kids clothes or even attempt to help with chores even if they were stuffed somewhere...be grateful

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Gets the kids all hyper right before bedtime, he says he's "tiring them out". No dear... You are not lol. And as for the comment that people look down on single parents, and that makes her look down on non single parents... That's just crazy and judgemental. I have been both a single parent and a co parent, were allowed to have things our husbands do that drive us crazy. Just because you don't have one don't look down on us thanks.

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One thing they forgot was if they do something wrong and you get onto them daddy always caves in and I tell him to stop she don't learn anything like that. But I guess that's the perfect way to show that daughters have their daddy wrapped around their lil finger. Note my girls dad works on the rig so he only gets to see them half the year. And it never fails I get onto her daddy always caves not even a minute after she gets in trouble...

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Please be thankful for all of the things your husbands do with your kids. It might drive you crazy, but what is much worse is trying to play both rolls and knowing you can never be that other parent. Feeling the need to go overboard at birthdays and Chistmas' because it is just you. So you have to pick up some toys or put the kids to bed. Well so are tons of single parents everyday. And lots of us get looked down on. But you don't know our stories. And you know what, I kind of look down on you.

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