15 Amazing Ways Kids Turn Out Just Like Their Moms

15 Amazing Ways Kids Turn Out Just Like Their Moms

It’s always surprising to see the unique and special ways our children take after us.

By: Lorraine Allen

Being a mom is the just the best. It’s often not an easy job, but the love and joy kids bring to life outweigh all the stresses, the challenges, and the chores. The most adorable and surprising thing about kids is how they turn out to be just like their parents in so many ways! Here, 15 moms share the surprising, adorable ways their kids take after them.

1. “My kid looks at herself sideways in the mirror, just like I do!”

2. “One of my sons answers the phone the exact same way he’s heard me do it since he was a baby. He’s 11 now!”

3. Another mom loves that her teenager tries to dress like her. “She likes to try on my shoes, borrow a bag or belt or shirt, if she’s going somewhere special. I love that she thinks she looks grown up and fancy in my old stuff.”

4. “My son cuts his food with his left hand, even though he’s right handed -- just like me!”

5. One mom laughs at how her toddler imitates her shopping. “She picks up [produce] and checks to see if it’s ripe, just like she sees me doing at the market. She knows ripe means juicy!”

6. “My girl is a total tomboy, like I was,” says a mom to a second-grader. “She’d rather play ball than anything else.”

7. “I love how my son sings in the shower. He’s almost in college, but it’s something he’s done his whole life -- just like me!”

8. “I have a large, almost heart-shaped birthmark on my left leg, and my kid has the same one. I couldn’t believe it!”

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9. “My child looks almost nothing like me. But I love that we share the same green eyes. It shows our bond at one glance, even though everything else, including our skin tone, is really different.”


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10. One mom says her son can argue any point like a professional lawyer, which is what she is. “I actually sometimes wish he was less like me in this way.”

11. “My daughter has my competitive streak. It’s great for sports. We’re both very athletic and good team players.”

12. Another mom says all three of her daughters walk the same way she does. “People point it out all the time. I guess it’s funny to see us walking together.”

13. “I love how my kid sleeps on his back with his arms behind his head, just like me, my mom, and grandma. He started this as an infant and still does it at age 10.”

14. “My daughter’s got my Latin dance moves. We’re always swinging our hips.”

15. “Both my kids have my crazy curly strawberry blonde hair and freckles. Anywhere we go, there is no doubt those kids are mine. I love it.”

In what surprising ways are your kids like you?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 5-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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