15 Moms Get Real About the Challenges & Joys of Raising a Boy

15 Moms Get Real About the Challenges & Joys of Raising a Boy

We love our boys -- our stinky, messy, crazy, body part-obsessed boys. Really!

By Wendy Robinson

Before I had kids, I had grand ideas that kids are just kids and that raising a boy wouldn’t be any different than raising a girl.

And then I had a boy and a girl, and, well, I was wrong.

I adore both of my kids, and we still try to be somewhat gender-neutral about how we raise them (in our house, anyone can play with dolls or trucks and all colors are boy and girl colors), but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t some differences in my experience of raising a boy and a girl.

I can sum up that experience by noting that only one of my kids has to be regularly reminded not to fart on people and to stop peeing on the bushes in the backyard (those poor bushes!).

Here, 15 other moms of boys celebrate the sweet, gross, and surprising joys of raising boys.

1. “I have boy/girl twins, and I always say this: I love my daughter, obviously. And I love my son. But there is something special about the mother/son bond that I wasn't expecting. He is absolutely in love with me, and me with him. (Again: nothing against my daughter or saying I'm not in love with her -- but it's just different).” -- Tracy R.

2. “The way they see everything as something to be physically conquered. See steps? Climb to the top. Is there a retaining wall? Walk on top of it. A street sign? Try and climb the pole. Ready to get into the car? Jump on top of it first. We're in the yard. Where did Isaac go? He's at the top of the tree. At the store? Climb in the cart and stand up. Talking in the living room? Stand on the coffee table and jump over to the radiator so you can be at the highest point.” -- Tricia W.

3. “My son, at 20 months old, already thinks it is funny to talk about poop.” -- Amanda K.

4. “I love how much they like to snuggle. It shouldn't have surprised me, because my husband is more snuggly than I. They can be really sweet and do love their mom, but hold nothing back when we play board/card games. They gleefully gang up on me!” -- Patricia P.

5. “Gotta love my 3-and-1/2-year-old hollering to me from the bath, ‘Mom, look how big my penis is getting!’” -- Johanna A.

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6. “I’ve been peed on so many times. So. Many. Times. Now, only the poop bothers me. On the rare occasions that I wasn't careful wiping and ended up with the dreaded poop finger, I want to scrub my skin raw with steel wool.” -- Nia G.

7. “Surprising: how smelly he is! Even at 4 years old. Why are boys so smelly!?” -- Tracy R.

8. “This might apply to girls, too, but I only have boys. But the level of energy is unnerving. I take taekwondo with my son, who is almost 9, and after class I am red-faced and ready to collapse, and he remains energetic and kinetic.” -- Jessica G.


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9. “Life with boys means constant talk and fascination with anything to do with farts, poop, pee, and the penis. I no longer have any furniture that isn't broken. I am also fascinated and horrified by their utter lack of fear for doing physical things. Jumping, throwing themselves off of things and into others. But I love how snuggly they can be. Even the 12-year-old will ask for hugs.” -- Traci S.

10. “I can’t take the stank. OMG. The smell. The feet, the bum, the hairline, all gross.” -- Leslie T.

11. “I love my boy, warts and all. Literally, warts and all. He somehow managed to get a bunch of warts on the bottom of his feet, likely caused by being barefoot in the boys’ locker room at school. Yuck.” -- Gracie C.

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12. “I’ve already busted my son, who is only 7, trying to kiss the girl he has a crush on. I’m totally scared about his teenage years.” -- Claire R.

13. “I was terrified I wouldn't love my boy as much as my girl. But even typing this my eyes fill up with tears, and my heart breaks open with how intensely in love with him I am. I guess I was shocked at the capacity for adoring a boy baby? I didn't expect to. Not like this.” -- Ara E.

14. “I have three sons and a husband, and I just officially QUIT cleaning the bathrooms. It is too gross, and I don’t even understand the physics of how pee gets in all the places it gets. They can either clean it themselves or we are getting a cleaning service. I. AM. DONE.” -- Melissa L.

15. “I took my 4-year-old son to the pool for swim lessons. We changed at the house and then put clothes on over his suit. While I was checking him in for lessons, he took off his clothes but forgot he already had his suit on. I heard laughing and turned around to see him buck naked on the pool deck, wearing only his goggles.” -- Sue R.

We love these little stinkers! Has your boy ever embarrassed you?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.com and hangs out on Twitter as @wendyrmonkey.

Image ©iStock.com/AnnettVauteck

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I always thought it was nurture when raising kids, then I had boys. It's nature! The Y chromosome is the most aptly named one since moms are always asking sons "WHY are you doing that?". Still they are adorable.

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