15 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

15 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

Ask your child’s pediatrician these important questions at your next visit.

By: Maria Mora

Whether you’re visiting the pediatrician for a well-child checkup or a medical concern, use the appointment as an opportunity to ask questions about your child’s health. Keep organized and calm by writing down your questions and concerns ahead of time.

Don’t stress about the time it takes to ask extra questions. Your child’s pediatrician is used to it. Moms of newborns and infants aren’t the only ones with lots of questions about child health and development.

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Dr. Ashanti W. Woods, MD, from Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, explains how to make the most of your time with the pediatrician. “The questions parents ask the pediatrician will often depend on the age of the child,” he says. Here are his recommendations:

2 to 4 years

Preschoolers are rapidly developing. It’s difficult for parents to know what types of behaviors are normal and which ones are causes for concern. Let your pediatrician guide you.

  • What techniques work best for potty training?
  • How much of my child’s speech should I be able to understand?
  • What are important milestones for this age?
  • Is my child’s naughty behavior normal?
  • What are the best discipline techniques for preschoolers?

5 to 10 years

School-age kids face new challenges in the classroom and develop more meaningful relationships with peers. Talk to your doctor about brain development and fitness.

  • When should I be concerned that behaviors may be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
  • How much fitness activity should my child get each day?
  • How do I answer questions about reproduction?
  • How do I discourage my child from lying and making up stories?
  • Is it normal for children this age to confuse numbers and letters?

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11 to 17 years

The tween and teen years can be bumpy for any family. As your child approaches young adulthood, team up with your pediatrician to take on the big issues.

  • What vaccines should my child receive at this age?
  • What dangers are associated with cell phone and Internet use?
  • When should my daughter visit a gynecologist?
  • How often should my son do a self-exam for testicular cancer?
  • How do I prevent my teen from smoking, drinking, or doing drugs?

If something crosses your mind as unusual or confusing, ask about it. There are no stupid parenting questions. Your pediatrician will be happy to help you find the answers you need to keep your child healthy.

What question are you glad you asked your pediatrician?

Maria Mora is a single mom, editor, and hockey fanatic. She lives with her two sons in Florida.

Image ©iStock.com/Mari

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