15 Sports Moms Confess: The Kids’ Activities Are Taking Over My Life!

15 Sports Moms Confess: The Kids’ Activities Are Taking Over My Life!

From the crazy competitive to the hopelessly bored, sports moms tell all!

By Wendy Robinson

Before I had kids, I swore I’d never let us become one of those crazy overscheduled families that have to build their whole schedule around kids’ lessons or practices. As with so many of the vows I made before I had kids (like the “no snacks in the car” rule, which, HA -- what was I thinking?!), I’ve found it harder than I expected to follow my own rules.

Between swimming lessons for both kids, tennis and soccer for my son, and tumbling for my daughter, we are already busy several days of the week, and I don’t see it getting any better. Here, 15 sports and dance moms share their similar confessions and woes.

1. “My daughter is doing gymnastics, and she loves it, but I’m hoping she doesn’t get too much better. The next level gets more serious and competitive and something about that level seems to turn all the moms into ‘mean girls.’ No thanks.” -- Judy W.

2. “If my son ever decides to quit baseball, I’ll be totally devastated. My whole social life is basically hanging out with other moms at the field. Our vacations usually center around travel tournaments, and I just love being at the field all summer long.” -- Heidi B.

3. “We aren’t saving for our daughter’s college fund at this point, because we’re spending SO much money on dance. Like, I’m talking about over $1,000 in costumes alone just this year. And she’s only 7!” -- Christa G.

4. “My daughter is only 5, and we just started her in tennis lessons. She seems pretty good at it, as far as 5-year-olds go, and I’ve already caught my husband looking up ‘tennis prodigy’ on the computer. I think he imagines himself the second coming of Serena Williams’ dad. We’re doomed.” -- Kari S.

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5. “My husband thinks that I take my daughter to swim practice every night because, as a former swimmer, I’m super invested in her success. Nope. I think watching swim practice is insanely boring. Reading at the coffee shop next to the pool for an hour every night? That is freaking heaven.” -- Janet E.

6. “I’m shocked at how much money we are spending on hockey and gymnastics. Kid sports is now a line item in our budget. I’m glad they are being active and healthy, but I’m bitter that we spend more on that then we do on travel or eating out.” -- Misty H.

7. “You know that crazy, overinvested mom screaming on the sidelines, taking everything WAY too seriously? Yeah. I’m that mom. I need to dial it back, but I can’t help how competitive I am.” -- Jenny T.

8. “The best part of my son’s interest in golf (which is the most boring sport on the planet) is that he and my husband are often gone for hours playing on the weekend so I get the whole quiet house to myself. I love it. The worst part is having to pretend to care about golf when my son starts going on and on about it.” -- Ming P.

9. “My son is in swimming and this other kid’s dad is over the top about how talented his son his, how he is going to go to the Olympics, he is the next Michael Phelps and so on. So I can’t even pretend to hide how much I love it when my kid smokes his in practice or meets. Take that, crazy dad.” -- Sasha F.


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10. “I am totally judgmental about parents who let their kids do football or other sports with high head injury potential. Really? You’re willing to let your kid get a concussion so they can someday grow up and make the JV high school football team? No thanks, we’ll stick to volleyball.” -- Annie E.

11. “The worst part of being a dance mom is other dance moms. These women are nuts.”-- Meredith B.

12. “My husband and I are both nerds. He was in marching band in high school, and I did debate. We’re both college professors. So how did we end up with a kid who is obsessed with basketball? I want to support him but I don’t get it. You want to play sports? Instead of reading a book? Really?” -- Kate L.

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13. “My daughter’s ice skating coach won’t let me come to practices any more. I was, um, a little too invested and was starting to make my daughter have performance anxiety. I’m working on chilling out a bit more, but it is hard not to want to see her succeed at something that we are spending so much time, energy, and MONEY on.” -- Kristy H.

14. “As a lifelong, and very competitive, runner I’m not sure if I am happy or sad that my middle schooler can now beat me in a 5K. I do know I can still take him in the 10K, though. So I’ve got that going for me.” -- Shelly F.

15. “I’m dreading my son making the travel soccer team. He is good, and he loves it, but I don’t know how we’ll afford it. I might have to up my hours at work, which is exhausting to think about.” -- Marta W.

Are you a sports or dance mom? How do you keep it all in perspective?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.com.

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