15 Things Moms Are Shocked They’ve Spent Money On

15 Things Moms Are Shocked They’ve Spent Money On

Truth: Having kids means buying things you never thought you’d buy.

By Leah Maxwell

Before you became a parent, did you find it easy to pull on your judgeypants, look at people with kids, and say, “Oh, I would never do that”? I sure did. Aaaaand then I became a parent and realized that kids make us do crazy things. Whether out of desperation or just to see our children smile, we try crazy techniques, follow crazy advice, and buy crazy things. Oh, the crazy things we buy! Here are 15 things moms hate to admit they’ve spent their hard-earned money on (even if they swear it was totally worth it).

1. “Library fines that I know are due, but I [let them go because I] don't want to take three kids anywhere.” --Meagan B., Williamsburg, Virginia

2. “I spent $50 on a pair of twinkling shoes for my daughter. I usually only spend $10 to $20 on my own shoes!” -- Elizabeth P., Eugene, Oregon

3. “I pay the cleaning lady an extra $20 to fold and put away ALL the three kids' laundry. (I wash them and leave a giant pile on my bed.) I also pay college students to help drive kids to activities after school. An extravagance, but I can't be in three places at once!” --Andrea B., San Diego, California

4. “Both my kids have their own tablets (but I don’t have one).” -- Liz S., Charlotte, North Carolina

5. “Sports fees and equipment. I was never sporty, and love that my kid is, so he has all sorts of gear.” -- Jen L., Greeley, Colorado

6. “Potty-training prizes. So much money spent. But the kids loved it and were motivated by it.” -- Sky C., Milford, New Hampshire

7. “Prepackaged lunches. I always dreamt I’d be the mom who made fabulous homemade lunches, but nope!” -- Ashley P., Alameda, California

8. “Bribes. So many times I have caved into the ‘if you will just [insert desired action], I will buy you [some piece of junk we don't need].’” -- Cindy W., Raleigh, North Carolina

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9. “My 7-year-old got a tablet. It helps keep the peace because my 10-year-old has a laptop.” -- Liz P., Eugene, Oregon


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10. “Petting zoos. I hate paying $5 to let my kid rub his hands all over a smelly goat, but it makes him so happy I just can’t say no.” -- Laurel D., San Francisco, California

11. “Drive-thru kids’ meals that come with a prize.” -- A’Dell S., Dallas, Texas

12. “Definitely expensive doll accessories. The dolls themselves I can justify, but some of the accessories are such a waste of space and never get played with.” -- Megan M., Ashland, Massachusetts

13. “I hate to admit how many apps I’ve bought to keep my toddler quiet at restaurants.” -- Andie, Columbus, Ohio

14. “I hate paying for bouncy houses, but not as much as I hate hearing my kid tantrum if I say she can’t go in one!” -- Jess B., Austin, Texas

15. “A wipe warmer. Half of my friends said I needed it, the other half said it was stupid. I should have listened to the second half!” -- Jessica B., Oakland, California

What are you surprised to have spent money on as a parent?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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