15 Things Women Were Told They Can't Do Now That They're Moms

15 Things Women Were Told They Can't Do Now That They're Moms

Does being a mom mean you have to give up the activities, clothes, and life you love?

By Leah Maxwell

Plenty of things are harder to do once you become a mother (sleeping, backpacking through Europe, going a whole day without wiping someone’s face/hands/tush), but some people believe there’s a whole separate list of things you shouldn’t do once you welcome kids into your family. We asked women to share what relatives, friends, and even strangers have told them is off-limits once you become a mom.

1. “I [was] told I should stop being a lawyer, because moms can’t do that. Apparently, it makes me too toxic, and that would affect my child’s emotional health.”

2. “I have been told that I shouldn’t wear a bikini as a mom. I work out and take care of my body and wear what I want.”

3. “I was scolded at the gym for exercising while pregnant.”

4. “I am 29. But apparently since I’m a mom I should have short hair?!”

5. “My mother-in-law told my husband that she gave up sewing to be a mom and that I really shouldn’t do something that’s so time-consuming.”

6. “My dad told me we were going to have to get rid of our cats because they’d maul the baby. Um, they're not lions, Pop.”

7. “I am a 39-year-old mommy to an 11-year-old boy, and I was told I was too old to wear tennis shoes.”

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8. “Moms shouldn’t wear booty shorts.”

9. “I was told I should have to struggle because I chose to be a mom, and that I should put my happiness on hold because I am a mom.”


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10. “I was told we would have to stop keeping our house so cool in the winter. That 72 degrees was really best, and anything less would be unhealthy for our son.”

11. “I’m not supposed to eat candy, play in the snow, or buy myself anything nice, according to my grandmother.”

12. “My dad told me I’d have to drop out of school. (I finished.)”

13. “Someone asked me if we planned to keep our dogs after the baby was born.”

14. “I was told that I shouldn’t wear skirts. They always had to have shorts or leggings under them.”

15. “I’ve been told we should be, and look, stressed out to the max because of how stressful our lives are.”

What do you think women need to stop doing once they become mothers?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

Image ©iStock.com/andipantz

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