16 Amazing Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids

16 Amazing Lies Parents Have Told Their Kids

You won’t believe what these parents tricked their kids into believing!

By Leah Maxwell

When it comes to kids and lying, the old parenting adage “Do as I say and not as I do” has never been so relevant. In trying to teach them right from wrong, we dutifully tell our children not to fib, not even about small things, and yet ... we parents have been known to stretch the truth a little (or a lot) from time to time. (Here’s where I confess I told my kids play dough doesn’t work if you mix the colors!) Here are 16 more hilarious lies parents have told their kids:

1. “My parents told me I’d have bad dreams if I ate chocolate before bed. I didn’t realize it wasn’t true until I was like ... 24.” -- Ashley G.

2. “When we had our third kid, we had to tell my oldest son that, no, we can’t take the baby back, because we lost the receipt.” -- Jessica H.

3. “I tell my kids that if the ice cream truck is playing music it means they are all sold out.” -- Christina P.

4. “The van that drives through the neighborhood playing music? It’s the music man! Isn’t he nice to play music for us? Except my cover was blown at the park one day. My kid came running up to me, astonished. ‘MOM! The music man has TREATS!’” -- Jenifer M.

5. “My parents told me our car wouldn’t start unless everyone in it had their seat belts fastened.” -- Natalie S.

6. “My daughter thinks she opens our automatic van doors with her MIND. We can’t bear to tell her the truth.” -- Sarah X.

7. “I say gumball machines are just for decoration. So are balloons in the grocery store.” -- Kristen W.

8. “My mom told me you could capture wild birds if you put salt on their tails. Then she sent me outside with a saltshaker. Good for about 15 to 30 minutes of ‘me time.’” -- Sue D.

9. “I know a mom who told her kids that lobster was yucky and tasted like medicine so they wouldn’t eat hers!” -- Celeste L.

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10. “My parents wrote ‘liver’ on the outside of paper wrapping whenever they bought steak, so if we saw it we would ask for hot dogs.” -- Nicki B.


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11. “I tell my son my chocolate pudding has nuts in it. (He haaaaates nuts.)” -- Hillary M.

12. “I told my son the fast-food place was closed because everyone had to go home for naptime.” -- Mona C.

13. “My husband told our toddler that we couldn’t go to the conservatory yet because the flowers were still asleep. (Actually, they just weren’t open yet.)” -- Cari T.

14. “I tell my kids the indoor play places are ONLY open for birthday parties. No one is allowed in them otherwise.” -- Elle J.

15. “Petroleum jelly is Get Better Cream that works on all kinds of boo-boos -- the tiniest of scrapes, the invisible owies, the inability to nap, tantrums, sadness, middle-of-the-night worries, and the disgusting taste of broccoli. Simply apply to the wrists, temples, belly button, or bottom of the feet. It’s a miracle cure.” -- Jessica A.

16. “I tell my kids that if you lie your tongue turns black. If I think someone is fibbing, I ask to see their tongue.” -- Jennifer H.

How’s that last one for irony? Ha!

What hilarious lies have you told your own kids?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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My mom used to tell me if I swallowed my gum and farted, it would blow a bubble and my underwear would be stuck to me FOREVER! I never swallowed it again.

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While at dinner on a busy night and sitting next to a small lake I told my restless 3 boys that there were submarine races. If they were still maybe they could see a periscope or bubbles.

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