16 “Bad” Moms Confess: How I Really Survive Snow Days

16 “Bad” Moms Confess: How I Really Survive Snow Days

Trapped inside with kids? These funny moms reveal how they survive it!

By Wendy Robinson

I live in a part of the country where the winters can be long and cold. Last winter was especially bad, and due to snow days and scheduled teacher planning days, I found myself home for nearly a week with my kids. I love these little people, but a week of togetherness with no outside time led to me hiding in the bathroom, looking up boarding schools for preschoolers on my smartphone. I would have gladly cleared out their college funds for an hour of golden silence.

I’d feel guilty about not being the picture perfect mom who fills the time on a snow day with homemade snacks and intricate crafts, but then I asked 16 mom friends for the truth about how they really make it through these stir crazy days and realized I’m not alone.

1. “I don’t care how old you are. In our house, snow day means you ARE going to take a nap. Period. I don’t care if you actually sleep, but you will be in your room and quiet.” -- Teri K.

2. “I hide some of their holiday or birthday presents until snow days so I can pull those out when they are driving me crazy. So, new toys plus movies.” -- Michelle J.

3. “I let the kids have unlimited screen time of all kinds, super messy crafts (snow inside!), unlimited snacks, and meals in front of the TV as that is the only quiet time we get. Oh! And baths. Baths like in the middle of the day if everyone is going nuts.” -- Hillary M.

4. “Movies. Lots of movies. All the screen time. I also make him jump on his mini trampoline.” -- Katie W.

5. “What I would love to say is that we work on educational stuff and have no TV time, but that's so NOT true in our house. They watch some of their shows, we play games, but most of all, there is a LOT of coffee and computer time for me in the morning. By lunchtime, we are good to go -- to watch more TV or play games. Not my proudest mom moments.” -- Kim N.

6. “Television was invented for a reason. Snow days are that reason.” -- Simone S.

7. “If the temperature is above zero, I bundle the kids up and make them go play in the snow for at least 30 minutes so I can drink a cup of coffee by myself. ‘Go get fresh air, kids, whether you like it or not!’” -- Jane G.

8. “The last snow day, I made my daughters learn a choreographed dance to an old ‘80s song, and we performed it in full makeup and costume for my husband when he got home from work. He looked at me like I was insane when we all started doing the Running Man.” -- Maya J.

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9. “I bribed my kids with leftover Halloween candy to play in their rooms quietly for an hour. I made a rookie mistake and let them have the candy first. They were screaming at each other again in about 15 minutes. Sigh.” -- Debbie M.

10. “A snow day lead to actual property destruction in our house. I put the kids in the bathtub with what I thought was washable fingerpaint as a way to kill time. Turns out, it wasn’t washable, which I discovered after they had gotten paint all over the tub, the walls, the towels, and the tile floor. Oops.” -- Megan B.


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11. “We are home today, and my kids got to rearrange the plastic bowl drawer in the kitchen. Very exciting.” -- Sasha T.

12. “I set up as many playdates as I can -- not because I’m concerned about their social development, but because I am SO FREAKING TIRED of playing with dolls.” -- Lynne M.

13. “Cookies for breakfast? Sure! Another TV show? Of course! A two-hour bath with an excessive amount of bubbles? Certainly! I am basically a total pushover on snow days. Whatever keeps the whining to a minimum.” -- Carolina D.

14. “The highlight of our last snow day was when I taught my 6-year-old son how to spell his name in the snow by peeing. Keeping it classy, right?” -- Jenna L.

15. “Caffeine and a steady stream of chocolate chips eaten directly from the bag is my usual snow day diet.” -- Heather H.

16. “My key to snow day success? Forcing my husband to stay home so I’m not outnumbered. I pretend that I’m too worried about the roads, but really, I just want backup.” -- Justine B.

Here’s hoping all these ladies have sunny skies in their futures!

How do you survive snow days?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.com.

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