16 Upgrades Every Mom Deserves

16 Upgrades Every Mom Deserves

Some might even argue these are all things mom need and are owed!

By Lorraine Allen

There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved in motherhood. No one can deny it. And will all that endless hard work and effort, with all those miles traveled for our kids, we deserve some fun perks every now and again, right? We think these are a great place to start!

1. Traveling first class, on any and all future trips. I mean, really, this one’s a no-brainer, folks. A mom needs her rest to take care of everyone, all the time, especially on family vacations!

2. A clean car. It’s really not asking much for a mom to not have pick up trash and grime off the car floor, seats and windows at the end of each day, in addition to all the other cleaning on her to-do list.

3. New, possibly fancy, underwear. (Okay, maybe everyone deserves new underwear, but that includes moms.)

4. Clean windows. Because a home is always nicer when it’s brighter and the view is clear.

5. A super-duper washing machine and dryer. For many moms this might seem obvious, but in large cities, where families live in small apartments, many have to schlep laundry several blocks to a Laundromat and that’s a whole job on its own—trust me!

6. An industrial size and strength dishwasher. No explaining needed here.

7. Fresh, chilled cucumber slices to soothe tired, strained eyes at the end of each day.

8. A bottomless drawer of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Because kids + walls makes them an essential you can’t run out of.

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9. A weekly delivery of fresh flowers. Just because.


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10. Ditto for a box of decadent Swiss chocolates. Sweet.

11. The deepest-sleep inducing mattress. For totally obvious reasons!

12. A robot vacuum that cleans your home while you sleep, or are out of the house.

13. A clutter-free, kid-free zone of some kind in her life.

14. A monthly deep-tissue aromatherapy massage. To keep us going, and going, and going, without falling apart—and to help loosen some of those tight muscles, aches and pains.

15. A weekly night off from cooking and childcare. Why is this so unthinkable?!

16. A fresh new haircut. Because everyone loves the way they look and feel more when they’ve just stepped out of a great salon.

Which things would you love to upgrade most?

Lorraine is a freelance parenting and food writer, and she shares her cooking adventures and family recipes at FeedingLina.com. She lives in New York with her family and one squirrel-obsessed dog. Follow her @feedingLina.

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