17 ‘Bad’ Moms Confess: My Kid Eats Like a Weirdo!

17 ‘Bad’ Moms Confess: My Kid Eats Like a Weirdo!

A toddler who thinks bananas are “too spicy” and other tales from the trenches.

By Wendy Robinson

When my first child was starting to eat solid food, I was totally smug about his eating habits. (Oh, the special smugness of the first-time parent. I was the worst.) Because he would eat anything. Avocados, pasta, every type of vegetable – he’d eat it. I was so sure that I was raising a kid with a refined palate, and then he turned 2 and switched to the “all beige, all the time” diet. He is 6 now, and though he will happily eat all fruit and two vegetables (raw bell pepper and raw jicama), the list of foods he won’t eat is long and weird: quesadillas, steak, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches with lunch meat, raisins, any kind of cooked vegetable, all soups, and grilled cheese.

I try to force him out of his comfort zone sometimes, but I’ll confess that the food battle is one that I often choose not to fight, and so, my kids get a lot of dinners that involve smoothies (with hidden veggies), chicken nuggets, and a side of fruit. As with anything I feel a vague sense of parental guilt about, I turned to other moms for confirmation that I’m not the only one whose kids eat like total weirdos. Here, 17 “bad” moms confess that their kids’ eating habits also drive them nuts!

1. “I find it so ironic that the kid who, as a baby, used to eat lint and paper off the floor now refuses to try anything that isn’t on his list of six approved foods. I basically feed him the exact same meals every day, because I have learned that you can’t force a kid to eat, sleep, or poop.” -- Mary J.

2. “My kid won't eat most fruit, but will eat anything that moves. Crickets, mussels, fish, sardines, anchovies, frog legs, squid, octopus, beef, venison, rabbit, etc. Oranges? Bananas? Mac and cheese? Oh, HECK NO.” -- Yesenia A.

3. “My kids have like five things they'll eat, but love Indian food. Can't figure it out. My daughter eats all things white, no meat, but loves palak paneer. I've sort of given up the fight. This has gone on for years, and every SINGLE … night of my life has been a fight if the meal is not macaroni and cheese or plain white bread or palak paneer. I'm just making what I want now, and if they don't eat, they don't eat. Rage mother comes out if they start the screaming and whining, and they know this now, so they just sit there and don't eat most of the time.” -- Paula G.

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4. “My husband will sauté up a can of tuna for my kids. They eat it happily. I have no idea how this demented snack was invented.” -- Jessica G.

5. “My daughter hates mac and cheese, pizza, hot dogs. She will only eat pasta, rice, bread, raw red onion, and raw green pepper.” -- Fiona D.

6. “My picky toddler's record for total number of eggs consumed in one day is eight. Is that even safe?!?” -- Carrie N.

7. “My kids are both pretty picky, but love the dried seaweed snacks -- as well as the seaweed wraps on sushi. Beats me why they like seaweed so much!” -- Danielle S.

8. “My kids don't eat bread, cheese, or pasta. But Georgia will happily eat salsa or marinara sauce with a spoon. And Violet is obsessed with corned beef.” -- Emily T.

9. “My son won't eat ice cream, but he loves sorbet and sherbet. Neither of my kids like potatoes (even French fries!), or mac and cheese. My son likes meat, but not veggies. My daughter likes veggies, but not meat (unless it's oh-so-healthy summer sausage or pepperoni). She also loves seaweed.” -- Jennifer G.

10. “Mine won't touch cheese or pasta, but loves pickled garlic!” -- Amanda N.


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11. “I have VERY picky eaters here. I find it weird that my oldest won’t eat any cheese or pizza but loves meat. I've somewhat given up and don't fight them anymore. My husband will fight with them about it and that makes me even crazier. I'd rather them just not eat for the sake of peace and quiet at the dinner table. I'm too tired for the fighting by this time of the day.” -- Sarah T.

12. “My son refused to eat ANYTHING green for over a year – this included fruits and veggies, but also extended to sweet things like candy or frosting.” -- Jennifer L.

13. “I about lost my mind when my toddler refused to eat a banana because it was ‘too spicy.’ The next day, she ate three of them. I can’t even deal with trying to keep track of what is on her current approved list.” -- Sue T.

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14. “My son is a pretty choosy eater and hates 'dips' of any kind (ketchup being the only exception). However, he will put applesauce on anything and claim culinary perfection. Examples: applesauce on crackers or chips and applesauce sandwiches (the sandwiches are nothing but bread and applesauce).” -- Meredith S.

15. “Oh, the picky eater in this house. Bread with ketchup and mustard, cereal with ketchup, rice with ketchup. Gags at the sight of a vegetable on his plate, hates noodles (will eat a few uncooked). No real meat -- corn dogs and lunch meat OK on occasion. He's 30 percent cereal, 30 percent cheese/yogurt, 10 percent pizza, 10 percent salsa, 10 percent processed crackers, 10 percent sugar. Those pouches with fruit/veggies are the only source of vegetables. I've clearly given up on trying for now. He will eat eventually.” -- Liz K.

16. “My 6-year-old’s diet is 90 percent pasta with butter and cheese, grilled cheese, and cereal. We offer other things, he declines. I’ve given up. He was eating some fruit for a while but not anymore. He eats no vegetables. My girls are good eaters, and it was worth it to have them if only to learn that his weirdness is not my fault.” -- Betsy P.

17. “My daughter will eat plain chicken and string cheese. A LOT of string cheese. I try to squeeze in the odd fruit/veggie for her, but mostly I’m too tired to fight it consistently.” -- Tara L.

I feel ya, Tara L. This is a battle I’m tired of fighting too, especially against a toddler who, as of yesterday, decided that chicken nuggets are “yucky.” How do you reason with that kind of crazy?

Is your kiddo a picky eater?

Wendy Robinson is a writer, working mom, and graduate student. Someday she'd like to sleep in again. She also blogs at www.athleticmonkey.com

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