17 Moms Share the Craziest Injuries They’ve Gotten From Parenting

17 Moms Share the Craziest Injuries They’ve Gotten From Parenting

You make your kid wear a helmet, but maybe you need one too. Motherhood is dangerous!

By Leah Maxwell

From skinned knees to bruised egos, kids get hurt so much it’s often the rule rather than the exception. What you might not expect, though, is how often you get injured as a parent. Whether you’ve found yourself caught in the crossfire of indoor gymnastics practice or you have a sharp toy embedded in your foot, consider yourself a member of the Injured While Parenting Club, whose ranks grow every single day. We asked moms to reveal the craziest ways they've gotten hurt on the job, and whether they make you laugh or cry, they’ll at least make you feel less alone.

1. “My son broke my nose! He was about 2 and I was tickling him and he threw his big melon head back and cracked me right on the nose. Blood everywhere." -- Wendy R., St. Paul, Minnesota

2. “I totally bruised my tailbone roller skating two weeks ago. I skated 18 whole feet before it happened. It was a total ‘feet in the air’ situation. My kid does roller derby, so she was embarrassed.” -- Cecily K., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. “My husband and daughter got pedicures together. Later that day, he fell down the stairs and broke his foot. His feet were too soft and lotiony. ‘See, my feet were super soft ...,’ he started. I died.” -- Kelly O., Hollman Air Force Base, New Mexico

4. “I went to one of those bounce places and ran through the obstacle course. I was feeling pretty strong because I had been doing [weight training]. Forgetting I was 40, I dove through a hoop and did what I thought was a sweet tuck and roll on the other side. Cricked my neck and couldn’t turn to the left for a week.” -- Daniela A., Davis, California

5. “I gave myself a wicked case of tendonitis by playing airplane with the baby one too many times.” -- Angela C., Seattle, Washington

6. “A kid was riding my back, horsey-style, and fell toward the front. I supported the sudden shift in weight with my head (instead of letting her fall off head first) and totally threw my neck out, had to roll over, not move, and see the chiropractor.” -- Whitney M., Berkeley, California

7. “I slammed my station wagon trunk closed on my head because as I was stepping back to get out of the way, I tripped on my kid. I literally saw stars.” -- Aleks W., Evanston, Illinois

8. “Tooth through both cheeks and one lip, the result of a very intentional toddler head-butt.” -- Oana H., Vancouver, British Columbia

9. “I was rushing around after work, going to put pumped milk in the fridge before feeding the baby, when I slipped in my sock feet and did a belly flop RIGHT on top of super-full, about-to-nurse boobs. I think I blacked out for a minute.” -- Erin J., Memphis, Tennessee

10. “My daughter gouged my husband in the eye so hard he missed two days of work because he couldn’t see to drive. And when he went back, people still commented on how bad it looked!” -- Elsha V., Overland Park, Kansas


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11. “I skinned both knees trying to prove to my kids there's nothing to be afraid of going down a concrete slide.” -- Amber J., Berkeley, California

12. “I sprained my ankle trying to be the ‘fun mom’ on the trampoline. Learned my lesson!” -- Amy A., Salt Lake City, Utah

13. “My son broke my orbit bone (flinging his head back), and I had a major shiner the next day.” -- Lisa G., Benton, Arkansas

14. “Would you like a picture of my C-section scar?” -- Katrina R., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

15. “I burned myself on the stomach with boiling water trying to unclog a toilet after my son’s massive [poop]. I was carrying a pot of boiling water, my feet slipped, water sloshed, and I got a bad burn. It was like in slow motion. Like HOW was I going to explain this.” -- Jess M., New Market, Maryland

16. “Last summer one of my kids dropped a homemade [ice pop] (still in the mold) on my foot and I got a huge bruise.” -- Wendy C., El Cerrito, California

17. “Toenail clipping IN MY EYE.” -- Daisy C., Chicago, Illinois

What crazy injuries have you sustained while parenting?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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