20 Kids Share the Worst Gifts They Ever Received

20 Kids Share the Worst Gifts They Ever Received

Kids love some of the gifts they receive, and then there are the other ones.

By: Lorraine Allen

Everyone loves giving kids gifts during the holidays. It’s so fun to surprise them. It’s a treat to shop in toy stores, no matter how old you are, and it’s so nice to see those happy smiles, and to hear their gleeful giggles and laughs as they tear open their presents with boundless anticipation and joy, to discover what it is you have given them. The holidays would not be the same without gifts for kids, that’s for sure. But sometimes, despite thought, love, efforts made, and money spent, the gifts kids receive feel like total letdowns, to them at least. (Hey, you can’t please everyone all the time, right?)

Here, 20 kids share their least favorite gifts EVER (so you can maybe avoid buying these this holiday season, and save yourself some heartache -- and some money, too):

1. “A 1,200-page history book. I’m not, like, a total nerd!” -- Todd, 12

2. “This big blow-up dolphin for the pool, and it would not stay blown up, not even for one minute! I think it had a leak.” -- Andrea, 9

3. “A basket of cookies that I could not eat because I was allergic.” -- Sadie, 7

4. “This ball that won’t bounce.” -- Eric, 4 (bouncing a small ball)

5. “My baby doll carrier that was too big to fit my baby doll. She falls out and her head goes bang on the floor and I can’t run fast enough because it's too loose.” -- Laurie, 5

6. “A big stuffed bear that is so so so so so SO scary. I have nightmares.” -- Nico, 4

7. “A fish tank and three fish that all died, like, right away. They were dead!” -- Lina, 6

8. “So many books. They are so boring! I can’t play with them ever!” -- Vincenzo, 9

9. “My grandmommy gave me a broom but I don’t like to clean.” -- Clara, 3.5

10. “Three packs of different card games and the cards are so big I can’t hold them in my hand and they all fall down and everyone can see my cards so I lose. All. The. Time. So it’s a stupid game!” -- Milo, 5

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11. “This stuffed dog can’t bark, it can’t run, it can’t do nothing!” -- Sammy, 5

12. “A purse. It’s like a grandma purse, and I’m 13!” -- Ava, 13


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13. “My nutcracker that I always wanted and when I tried to crack the nuts, the handle came off and it’s broken. And it does not even crack the nuts!” -- Teddy, 7

14. “That elf that watches me all the time, and I don’t like it.” -- Liam, 4

15. “Tights with lame things like hearts and bells on them. Totally dorky.” -- Luella, 15

16. “A fake drum set, like for little kids. And I want a real one.” -- Joey, 10

17. “I got a snowsuit last year that was so puffy and ugly. I looked like a giant grape in it and then I had to wear it the entire vacation because we were in the mountains and there was so much snow. And it snowed ALL winter. I hated it.” -- Heather, 9

18. “A tree in a pot. What am I going to do with a tiny little tree? Just, like, water it?” -- Luis, 10

19. “My mommy promised me a gingerbread house and then she got me this box with the house in it and we tried to stick it together and it just kept falling apart! It was, like, just crumbs. There was no house!” -- Janie, 6

20. “I don’t like my cat. He scratches me sometimes and follows me. And sometimes he even jumps on me, like when I’m sleeping. I never even said I wanted a cat. I don’t know why he is here. He’s not nice. ” -- Philip, 6

What do your kids think are the worst gifts they ever got?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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