20 Things Every Mom Needs More of in Her Life

20 Things Every Mom Needs More of in Her Life

If moms could have all this, we would rule the world.

By Lorraine Allen

Moms are generally trying to organize, clear out, and simplify our lives — not pile on more. Of anything. With kids and all the gear, clothes, school books, friends, and electronics they come with these days, we’re up to our elbows in more than we know what to do with.

But there are certain things that every mom could definitely do with more of, any day. Here are just a few things we wouldn’t mind piling on:

1. Limbs. Imagine if we had eight of each!? Things might just get done eight times faster (read: by bedtime).

2. People volunteering to vacuum the back seat.

3. Drawer organizers.

4. Clean, matching socks, for the whole family.

5. Pens that work.

6. Babysitters.

7. Date nights.

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8. Massages.

9. Bath salts.

10. Clean sheets.

11. Laundry baskets.


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12. Stain remover.

13. Kid-free friends.

14. Mom friends who we connect with over more than just having kids the same age.

15. Perfect weather (not too hot, not too cool).

16. Days when no one is upset or sick.

17. Days when nothing get broken and needs fixing.

18. Breakfasts in bed.

19. Sunglasses.

20. Love notes from our kids.

What do you wish you could add to your life in an unending supply?

Lorraine is a freelance parenting and food writer, and she shares her cooking adventures and family recipes at FeedingLina.com. She lives in New York with her family and one squirrel-obsessed dog. Follow her @feedingLina.

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It would definitely be nice to have an assistant, some sleep, and more time in the day for Me-time. Oh and let's not forget an automatic bill payer who/that pays all the bills but not out of your money....I can dream right? :-)

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