22 Low-Tech Winter Cabin-Fever Busters

22 Low-Tech Winter Cabin-Fever Busters

Cooped up in bad weather? Print out this list of fun activities to keep boredom at bay.

By Lorraine Allen

When you’re stuck home with the kids for any length of time, either on a bad-weather weekend or a snow-day weekday, keeping everyone occupied is essential to preserving the family’s collective sanity. Here are 22 low-tech ways kids can entertain and amuse themselves to avoid a serious case of cabin fever (some are so fun, you might be tempted to join in!):

  1. Start a pillow fight
  2. Have a hula hooping contest
  3. Play musical chairs
  4. Build a snow fort or igloo
  5. Build a house of cards or plastic cup tower
  6. Have a snowball fight (or bring some snow inside and play with it in the bathtub)
  7. Go on a scavenger hunt
  8. Have a wheelbarrow race (kids hold each other’s ankles and “walk” on their hands)
  9. Have a towel-folding or sock-matching race (shhh, don’t tell the kids they’re helping you)
  10. Paint a mural (perfect activity for a playroom or basement)
  11. Hide a treat and have the kids find it

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  1. Play hide-and-seek
  2. Make a Monopoly-style board game of your own neighborhood
  3. Make a cardboard box rocket ship, school bus, or treat truck
  4. Make a terrarium
  5. Bake cookies, brownies, or both
  6. Paint faces or just do crazy makeup on everyone
  7. Make s’mores (supervise the toasting of marshmallows over a gas stove, or just use the microwave)
  8. Have a limbo contest
  9. Take a bubble bath
  10. Make masks
  11. Play charades

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What are your favorite ways to beat cabin fever?

Lorraine Allen is a writer and mom to one spunky first-grader and one squirrel-obsessed dog. You can follow their delicious, allergy-friendly cooking adventures at @FeedingLina.

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