23 Women Reveal What Really Makes Them Feel Beautiful in the Summer

23 Women Reveal What Really Makes Them Feel Beautiful in the Summer

Forget bikinis! Here’s what actually makes us feel stunning when the sun is out.

By Lauren Brown

Summer is all about freedom. Freedom from winter coats and snow days. Freedom from rules, busy days, and over-the-top beauty routines. Freedom to show off some skin, embrace a little frizz, and appreciate going makeup free. It’s freedom to feel beautiful with no frills and no stress. There’s just something about days spent soaking in the sun and cooling off in the water that boosts your mood, ups your confidence, and takes all the negativity away.

In other words, there’s so much more to those feel-good summer days than bikinis! Here, 23 women reveal what truly makes them feel gorgeous in the warmer months.

1. “Pedicures with summer colors. Having my feet look fresh and neat in sandals always makes me feel good!” -- Karen M., Easton, Connecticut

2. “After this brutal winter, … flowing, figure-forgiving, bright, cute, summery dresses make me feel beautiful.” -- Noreen K., New York City

3. “With naturally curly hair, I love summer because my curls always look great!” -- Mary S., Lincoln, Nebraska

4. “No better feeling than having a nice sun-kissed tan and fun summer dresses and rompers. Cute shoulder-length hair to keep you cool during the warm summer months.” -- Kristen. P., Stamford, Connecticut

5. “Freshly shaven legs and freshly washed sheets.” -- Rachel E., Miami, Florida

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6. “Highlights and a beachy scent make me feel great, even if most my summer is stuck inside the office.” -- Kathy B., Norwalk, Connecticut

7. “A flowy summer dress and freshly washed hair after a day at the pool/beach and it’s time to go out to drinks and dinner. Also, body sprays and such in summery scents like coconut and mango!” -- Diana F., New York City

8. “Sitting on a dock with my hair blowing in the warm breeze. Showering after the beach and letting my hair air dry and allowing my glowing skin to speak for itself. No primping necessary when you are au natural thanks to the sun! Wearing my bikini, cover-up, and flip flops everywhere -- to the grocery store, to run errands.” -- Dorothy S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

9. “I love starting my day right with a juice. I throw in whatever fruit I have, some greens, turmeric, chia seeds, flax, and either coconut water or cashew milk! Good for my body and mind -- especially in the hot summer months! And I started getting Korean body scrubs at the beginning of each season to shed the old skin! Feels invigorating.” --Lea S., New York City

10. “I love getting a spa pedicure and getting my feet scrubbed and rubbed. It is amazing! But I also love feeling the sun on my face -- and the smell of the beach.” -- Nicole C., New York City

11. “Honeysuckle perfume. It just reminds me of summers as a kid.” -- Victoria W., Norwalk, Connecticut

12. “I love the feel of the sun on my skin and the way it tans my skin. I am a Florida girl, born and raised, so I really enjoy the heat, like it actually rejuvenates me!” -- Shakira C., Pembroke Pines, Florida

13. “Hot pink mani/pedis!” -- Samantha P., Fairfield, Connecticut


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14. “No frizz - just keratin!” -- Kimberly A., Freehold, New Jersey

15. “Running at the beach!” -- Adrienne W., Norwalk, Connecticut

16. “Long, flowing skirts. Fresh-smelling, light lotion.” -- Cara S., Jersey City, New Jersey

17. “A good tan and shiny lips!” -- Lauren M., Livingston, New Jersey

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18. “A great facial then laying out!” -- Michelle G., Coral Springs, Florida

19. “I love my freckles in the summer! They become bold and very present, and I love how they make me look ‘different.’ I'm the only person in my family with them. I've been called ‘cute’ for having them but I think they're beautiful. I will forever love my freckled summer face.” -- Belinda L., Stamford, Connecticut

20. “Tan and toned legs!” -- Bethany E., Encinitas, California

21. “Glossy glitter lips, cooling face spray, rose water spray, platform sandals.” -- Deena R., Orlando, Florida

22. “Shorts, tank tops, sandals, rays of sun on my face, and powder-scented deodorant. I'm weird.” -- Merri W., Norwalk, Connecticut

23. “Bright lipstick and all-white everything else!” -- Robin L., East Setauket, New York

What makes you feel beautiful in the summer?

Lauren Brown is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie/expert who just took on her most exciting and exhilarating assignment yet – new mom to an adorable baby girl!

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