25 Bad Habits Moms Need to Break -- NOW!

25 Bad Habits Moms Need to Break -- NOW!

Moms pick up some really bad habits that they need to change – and fast!

By: Lorraine Allen

No one’s perfect – we all know this. Everyone can improve through healthier habits any day, and moms, though we are all superhero rock stars for sure, are no exception. In fact, moms are often SO focused and dedicated to caring for their families -- the most 24/7, action-packed job -- that they can lose themselves entirely, if they are not consciously making a point to keep their lives balanced, manageable, and structured, somehow. Here are 25 bad habits moms often pick up and need to break, fast:

1. Letting your friendships slide.

2. Putting your marriage on the back burner -- it’s a daily priority, ladies!

3. Focusing weekends and all your free time on kids’ activities.

4. Not getting enough sleep or rest -- it shows and it adds up!

5. Skipping the time you need to get ready for your day so you look and feel presentable.

6. Forgetting to eat meals and snacking all day instead.

7. Eating too much candy and cupcakes.

8. Forgetting to make your own medical and dental appointments and KEEP THEM.

9. Buying and preparing only the food kids like best and not what you and your spouse enjoy.

10. Spending too much money on your kids, and neglecting your own needs and home.

11. Letting the laundry pile up so that you’re constantly overwhelmed.

12. Letting the dishes pile up so the kitchen is always a mess.

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13. Letting the bills pile up -- and paying late fees!

14. Rushing through each day instead of enjoying your family and life more.


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15. Not exercising.

16. Doing the same few things each time you do take a break – forgetting to branch out and learn something new and exciting. You’re still growing, too.

17. Wearing the same clothes all the time. It’s not a uniform -- dress up!

18. Not making and keeping your own hair appointments -- we all need them.

19. Playing kids’ games all the time and totally forgetting what you loved to do before you were a mom. Have some real fun!

20. Worrying about everything you see or read in the news. Focus on what you have, and don’t stress all the time about what ifs.

21. Drinking too much coffee.

22. Watching too much TV.

23. Allowing clutter and toys to take over your entire home. You need your own space too!

24. Buying in excess and not saving enough -- there are sales all the time, so slow down and save up!

25. Overscheduling your family. You can’t do it all. No one can. Schedule your time together wisely, and you’ll all have more fun.

What’s the worst habit you have as a mom that you need to change?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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This article is a crock. Who wrote this Sarah FN Lee straight out of the 50's. Please, moms...your job is tough enough as it is. Don't let some article tell you to dress up, look presentable, stop snacking! Do what we do best and stop holding each other to Stepford wife standards.

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