25 Simple Ways Tired Moms Can Energize in 5 Minutes or Less

25 Simple Ways Tired Moms Can Energize in 5 Minutes or Less

Rejuvenate your attitude with one of these simple and refreshing tips.

By: Laurie Sue Brockway

Being a mom is exhausting. We all know how impossible it can be to get time to yourself, but what if you grabbed brief moments during the day to do something positive?

Here are 25 ideas for peace, rejuvenation, and a refreshed attitude -- all of which can be experiences in five minutes or less.

1. Take a dance break. Turn on your favorite music and dance. Shake the stress out of your body.

2. Jump in the shower. Refreshing water can help melt away worries and wake up your tired mind.

3. Go for a walk around the block. Breathe in fresh air. If you can’t leave your kids with someone, put them in a stroller and go.

4. Make a happy list. If you feel a little low, lift your spirits by writing a list of the things that make you happy, and take a moment to remember why.

5. Search for inspirational quotes. Words of wisdom can do wonders for harried moms. Go on the Internet to find quotes on happiness, motivation, and motherhood.

6. Watch your children play. Look at them with eyes of gratitude and appreciate their joy at such a simple act.

7. View a snippet from a favorite movie. Don’t have time to watch a whole film? Find many of your favorite scenes on the web for quick viewing.

8. Listen to music. Play a piece of music that opens your heart.

9. Use scents. Aromatherapy can relax and uplift people, but a favorite perfume or essential oil can too. Surround yourself with smells that make you feel good.

10. Call a friend. A quick chat with a bestie can help put things in perspective.

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11. Feed the birds. Watching birds in flight can be inspiring, and so can hearing their morning song. Fill the birdfeeder or share some bread to bring them around.

12. Sip your morning brew in quiet. Get up early to take a brief break for tea or coffee as you greet the day before everyone else in the house does.

13. Watch the sunrise or sunset. If you can take a moment to witness this daily phenomenon, it can inspire you.


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14. Throw stuff out. Grab something (or more than one thing) you’ve been meaning to ditch, toss in a garbage bag, and get it out of the house. You may feel a lightness of being.

15. Make someone’s day. A short call to an elderly loved one or someone less fortunate can help you forget your own troubles.

16. Meditate briefly. Five minutes of quiet can do a lot of good. Just focus on your breathing and relax.

17. Enjoy a work of art. Whether it’s in your home or something you spot online, get lost in the beauty of an image you adore.

18. Enjoy a waterfall. If you can’t sit by a waterfall, find a video online and let the sight and sound of water calm you.

19. Put yourself on the beach. Watch a film clip or video -- or look at a photo -- that transports you there.

20. Try art therapy. Any time you need a breather, take your kids’ crayons and draw how you feel. Get it out of you and onto the page.

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21. Smile. You cannot be upset when you smile. Try smiling even when you are feeling bad.

22. Laugh out loud. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes of recap from last night’s late show to chase a blue mood away.

23. Say “I love you.” Whether it’s your kids, mate, mom, or a friend, take a moment to feel love and let them know you care. You may get the love right back!

24. Stand and stretch. Take a moment to stand, stretch, and move and get your circulation going. It can go a long way through your day.

25. Daydream. When feeling stressed, take a moment to daydream about something positive and inspiring -- a vacation, date night with hubby, or even having 10 whole minutes, instead of five, for you.

How do you relax and energize?

Laurie Sue Brockway is a journalist and author who has written extensively on love, marriage, parenting, wellbeing, and emotional health. Her work has appeared in hundreds of print and online publications, including Everyday Health and The Huffington Post.

Image ©iStock.com/DanielBendjy

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