27 Moms Share the Traits They Hope to Pass on to Their Kids

27 Moms Share the Traits They Hope to Pass on to Their Kids

We rounded up a list of ways “like mother, like child” is a wonderful thing.

By Leah Maxwell

Even though we all want our kids to be their own people, every mom probably hopes just a little bit that her child will be a reflection of her in some way. That could mean having a similar temperament, learning certain behaviors, or even getting the family’s bright red hair or musical talent.

When we asked women (both moms and hope-to-be moms) about what traits they want to pass on to their kids, we got a surprising mix of answers, but also the unexpected pleasure of hearing what these women like about themselves. For that reason alone, if you’ve never asked yourself what traits you hope to pass on to the next generation, it’s definitely worth doing. Read this list for inspiration.

1. “Honesty. Not that whole ‘say anything that pops into your head’ kind of honesty, but being true to yourself, and telling others the truth. ‘When you make a mistake, own up and take your lumps’ kind of honesty.” -- Katie L., Corona, California

2. “Wearing his heart on his sleeve. It is so hard at times, but it also makes you a kinder person.” -- Steph F., State College, Pennsylvania

3. “I hope my daughter finds her self-worth as early as I did.” -- Julia L., Seattle, Washington

4. “Love of travel, and having an open mind toward different ideas/ways of life.” – Elizabeth B., Corpus Christie, Texas

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5. “EMPATHY. I hope we teach them (by word and example) to be empathetic to others. I find it sorely lacking nowadays.” -- Sarah B., Huntsville, Alabama

6. “I'm very sensible. I hope they’re sensible, in the sense of making basically good decisions, [like] not spending money they don’t have.” -- Christine D., Greenbelt, Maryland

7. “My calm in a crisis.” -- Tamara B., Los Angeles, California

8. “My ability to not succumb to peer pressure when young.” -- Jen K., Elmwood Park, Illinois

9. “Love of jigsaw puzzles and crosswords [and] the ability to always pick the right-sized container for leftovers.” -- Angela C., Seattle, Washington

10. “I hope my kids end up with my sense of family closeness and loyalty.” -- Jenny L., Watsonville, California

11. “Critical thinking skills.” -- Jackie M., Brooklyn, New York

12. “I hope they get my adventurous spirit tempered by my husband's caution of new things.” -- Ashley B., Las Vegas, Nevada

13. “I would be thrilled if one of them turned out to be a tap dancer.” -- Audrey S., Colorado Springs, Colorado

14. “Thoughtfulness – for others and for themselves, and to keep thinking in their worlds and relationships.” -- Rebecca M., Dublin, California

15. “An ability to love fiercely and deeply, a sense of the worth of all people, and an appreciation of all kinds of beauty/beauty in everything.” -- Alyce B., Alameda, California


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16. “Making people laugh.” -- Mona C., Seattle, Washington

17. “The ability to see the point of view of another.” -- Ashley C., Akron, Ohio

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18. “I’m gonna go with love of dogs. My kids have to be dog people, no negotiating.” -- Megan H., Rockville, Maryland

19. “Please let them be good students and conscientious. I’m also hoping for neat children and money savers. Morning people too. I don’t want to battle with them to wake up in the morning. I basically spring out of bed.” -- Natalie K., Richardson, Texas

20. “The ability to thrive on discomfort, and the enthusiasm to say yes as often as possible.” -- Amanda W., Portland, Oregon

21. “Love of and appreciation for the arts, and love of books and reading.” -- Natalie S., Austin, Texas

22. “Confidence and independence, [but also] the ability to know when it should matter what people think of you.” -- Emily C., Reston, Virginia

23. “I hope they get my slow-to-anger temper.” -- Wendy R., St. Paul, Minnesota

24. “Flair for the dramatic, though it would be nice if they’d limit it to the actual stage.” Erin K., South Elgin, Illinois

25. “The ability to spot [nonsense] a mile away. And to not go along with it.” -- Blair P., Alexandria, Virginia

26. “Positive attitude/ability to look on the bright side.” -- Katy F., Boston, Massachusetts

27. “The ability – the grace – to be able to give people the benefit of the doubt.” -- Rachel T., Dallas, Texas

What traits do you hope your kids get from you?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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