30 Things Every Mom Must Have in Her Car

30 Things Every Mom Must Have in Her Car

A list of the most useful and essential items moms need in their cars.

By: Lorraine Allen

Moms have to think of everything, all the time. What kids need for school, what families need to stay healthy and warm, what they need to stay sane and happily married. The list is literally endless. And, within that list are many other lists, including the list of the very important items that every mom needs to have in her car, at all times. But worry not – to help you check things off, and make sure you’re prepared for whatever family life throws at you next, here is a great list of 30 car essentials for moms:

1. Your little kid’s favorite toys and/or lovey

2. A baby mirror for babes sitting backwards, so they can see Mom

3. Change of kid clothes, no matter how old they are

4. Emergency diaper stash

5. Changing pad or towel

6. Headphones for teenagers

7. Pen and paper for important notes (to self, or others)

8. Activity books and crayons -- sticker books are great, but avoid markers!

9. Pet necessities like an extra leash, bowl for water, and waste bags

10. Potty seat for toddlers in training

11. Wipes!!!!!

12. A couple of books and magazines for those major, awful roadblocks or traffic jams

13. Music for babies or kids and/or books on tape for the family

14. First aid kit

15. Emergency snack food, like dried fruit and crackers, and a treat or two!

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16. Loose money for gas, tolls, or parking -- in case you lose or forget your wallet

17. A copy of your license, health insurance cards, and AAA or similar card if you have one, along with your vehicle registration, of course


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18. An umbrella

19. A roll of paper towels or napkins

20. A plastic bag for car sickness or other messes

21. Lip gloss, comb, and hair ties, so you can always freshen up in a pinch

22. Extra pair of sunglasses

23. A ball and glove, bucket and shovel, or other favorite sports gear in case you want to stop and play at a park or beach on a beautiful day

24. A couple of GLASS water bottles for emergencies (Not plastic, which can break down and leak chemicals in the heat of your car!)

25. A flashlight

26. A WRITTEN list of emergency contacts, in case you lose, break, or forget your phone

27. Extra cell phone charger for the car

28. Jumper cables

29. Maps -- in case GPS fails, or you don’t have one

30. Sanitary products for mom

Are there any other essential items you carry in your car?

Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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