4 Moms Reveal How Friends Have Helped Them With Parenting Challenges

4 Moms Reveal How Friends Have Helped Them With Parenting Challenges

Awesome mom-tested, helpful parenting tips for those toughest hurdles.

By Lorraine Allen

We all grapple with parenting challenges, from the moment we become moms until our kids are all grown up and fully independent (and even thereafter, sometimes!). Some days, even simple little things like getting shoes on our kids, arriving somewhere on time as a family, or just not breaking belongings around the house can feel like major hurdles, and that can wear a mom down. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and even feel spirit-breaking, at the worst of times. But take heart, moms, because we are all in the very same boat on this front.

We all have many parenting challenges to overcome, and, happily, that means we moms can all help one another find ways to cope. Here, four relieved moms share the awesome ways their mom friends have helped them overcome a parenting challenge they were struggling with.

1. “My son was so angry at me, yelling at me all the time. He’s always been a sweet, happy kid, and I’m always there for him. So, I didn’t understand where the anger comes from, or how to stop it, and it really hurt. My wise friend Suzie said that maybe he just didn’t have an outlet for his own anger or frustration, which all kids experience as they grow, and suggested I try karate lessons for him, which had really helped her own sons channel their aggression and attitudes. It worked like a charm. My son loves it, and he is so much nicer to me now that he has a different, safe outlet for his emotions.” -- Kay J., mom of two

2. “Mealtimes were soul-crushing for me, for a long time, because the way my kids would misbehave, argue, and not eat the food I bought, cooked, and served them, always demanded different things and complaining. My friend Lynn recommended taking my kids to volunteer at a food pantry for the homeless. She also suggested having them help me more in the kitchen at home, preparing food and cleaning up, so they would not take things for granted so much. The kids were not too happy about any of this, but I insisted, and they have really changed their attitudes towards me, and our meals, and just food in general. I’m so grateful for the advice!” -- Brenda B., mom of three

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3. “My son started to hate school, and it was hard to watch. He is so smart and did so well in the early years, but then in first grade, things changed. He cried every day that he did not want to go, even though his teacher seemed great and nurturing. My neighbor suggested trying to leave my son for after-school programs one to two days a week, which is THE LAST thing I would have ever thought to do, but it totally changed his outlook because he got to ‘play’ with friends at school, and kind of hang out doing fun activities with them. It changed the way he sees the place, and now even though he still doesn't love class, he’s not complaining, and he likes school. I’m so relieved!” -- Amelie L., mom of one


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4. “I was so exhausted from cleaning up my twin toddlers’ messes all day long. It felt maddening. I was complaining to my friend with older kids, saying I wished my little ones could help me, and she saved my whole year by showing me how to make cleaning up a full, even educational game for my kids. I got some bins, a small bookcase, and taught them how to sort their own things, and clean up many of their own messes. Now, they race each other to see who can pick up their side of the room faster. Whomever wins gets a treat, so they are really into it, and my back is no longer killing me!” -- Jess H., mom of two

How has a mom friend helped you overcome a difficult parenting challenge?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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