4 Must-have Baby Products

4 Must-have Baby Products

Save your time with these 4 products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

By: Shayne T.

There are tons of baby products on the market that are truly unnecessary, and there are some that are nice to have, but might not be worth the money, and still there are others that while not an absolute necessity, will save your sanity time and time again. These four must-have products will do exactly that without costing you an arm and a leg.

Swaddle Blankets. Swaddle blankets are life savers when it comes to inducing a sleepy state in newborns. Wrap your baby snugly in a super-soft swaddle and he’ll feel more like he did in the womb -- warm and secure – which will help him get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. If it seems like he doesn’t like it initially, work on your wrapping skills, and try, try, try again. We love traditional flannel receiving blankets and lightweight muslin blankets because they’re very cozy and are useful even after your baby no longer needs to be swaddled -- they can double as nursing covers, be used as a lovey as your child gets older and are even great for cleaning up messes in a pinch.

Disposable Diapers. You’ll want to have a pack of good quality disposable diapers around at all times, even if you’re a cloth diapering family. Disposables wick moisture away from the skin, so they’re ideal when you’re trying to heal a diaper rash, they’re much more convenient when traveling and come in handy when it’s laundry day and you’re all out of clean cloth. Try Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive for a gentle, cloth-like feel, perfect for delicate baby skin. They have a nice contoured fit, and are virtually leak-free.


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Sound Machine. Embrace the white noise! Whether you purchase a dedicated sound machine or you download an app on your phone or tablet, white noise can make the difference between a good nap and a disastrous one. White noise is widely recommended by baby and toddler sleep experts, as it too creates a more womblike and comforting atmosphere for baby. Plus, it will drown out any outside noises that could wake your baby prematurely, meaning you can actually get some things done around the house while your little one slumbers. You can even use one that plugs in all night long to help your baby sleep through the night. Try setting it to the ultra-relaxing rainstorm or ocean waves sounds.

Baby Carrier. Babies sometimes simply refuse to be put down, but that doesn’t excuse you from cooking dinner, caring for your other children, or any other every day tasks. To help you keep baby close and safe during those extra clingy moments, a baby carrier is the ideal option. There are many types to choose from, some that are better for infants, others that are better for toddlers and even some that will take you through several years. But carriers aren’t just for fussy babies, they’re great for walks when you don’t want to break the stroller out and make for cozy naps when you’re traveling or otherwise away from home.

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