5 Reasons to Resist Staying in Loungewear All Day

5 Reasons to Resist Staying in Loungewear All Day

We know it’s tempting to keep your jammies on, but really, you should just get dressed.

By Betsy Voreacos

They’re comfy, you have multiple options at the ready in your dresser drawer, and did we mention they’re comfy? It can definitely be tempting to stay in your loungewear (or heck, your pajamas) all day on the days when you don’t have important plans, but really, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor if you swap them for “real” clothes in the morning. Here’s why:

  1. You’re a working woman! Even if you don’t work outside the home, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a job. As a matter of fact, you have the most important job in the whole world. So, treat your job with respect! Get up in the morning and get dressed. You don’t have to wear your business best, but you do have to get out of the flannels. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes in how you approach your day.
  2. You’re going to be surprised. It’s inevitable. The doorbell will ring and someone will stop by unannounced. And there aren’t enough words in the world to make your excuses sound like anything more than what they are.

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  1. You could get too big for your britches. One downside of dressing down is that it’s way too easy to let your waistband expand – especially when it’s elastic. Putting on regular clothes with real buttons and zippers will help you stay aware of your weight even without stepping on the scale.
  2. You can still be comfortable. Take advantage of versatile options like tailored yoga pants with high-fashion detailing and sweaters with a secretly cozy sweatshirt-fleece lining. Look good and feel good all day long. You’ll forget you’re not in your good ol’ loungewear.
  3. You’re worth it. You’re a mom. A great mom. You’ve got great kids and a great family. Sure, you’re going to have long and crazy days, but you’ll get through them. As long as you accomplish one thing every day, you’re on the right track. And, when you have kids, getting dressed in the morning is a real accomplishment!

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Betsy lives with her family a stone’s throw from New York City. An overly involved mother of three children, Betsy has always been acutely aware of her shortcomings as a parent, not to mention those of her children. She documents her life in the brutally honest Old Minivans Die Hard.

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