6 Awesome Times a Random Mom Saved Another Mom's Day

6 Awesome Times a Random Mom Saved Another Mom's Day

These kindhearted women didn’t hesitate to offer help to a fellow mom in need.

By Lorraine Allen

Have you ever found yourself in a serious parenting bind when a total stranger – another mom – came to the rescue like a superhero? Here are six heartwarming stories of wonderful “stranger” moms who saved the day for a parent in a real pickle:

1. I’ll start with my own story: I was rushing to an important doctor appointment with my sick child, and my subway card wouldn't work. But a mom behind me swiped her card and paid for me to go right through so I could rush and make the next train. I was so grateful that since then, when I see someone who doesn’t have sufficient fare and looks like they need a hand, I try to swipe them through.

2. My friend Whitney was on a mountain when her baby had a major diaper blowout, and she didn't have any spare ones left! Her baby’s clothes were also a mess (of course), and it was freezing out, too. But another mom in the restroom bailed her out, giving her wipes, a diaper, and even loaning her a clean shirt for the baby, which my friend later mailed back to the kind stranger.

3. When Sarah took her toddler to the zoo, he'd only been walking for a few months. He tripped and got a big cut, but she didn't have any bandages for him, and a zoo employee said the first aid office was quite a distance away. Of course, he was so upset – screaming and flailing – the thought of walking anywhere with him was daunting. At that moment, another mom appeared out of nowhere and offered bandages before she disappeared again. Thank you, Zoo Mom!

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4. When Nina was shopping with her baby, another mom saw her trying to scroll through her new coupon app, looking for sales. The mom volunteered to show Nina how to scan items and check prices (thus saving even more time and money), among other helpful tips. “It was a total ‘mom’ moment between us,” says Nina. “I use the app all the time now, and always think of that lady.”


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5. Jennifer was riding a train into the city with her 4-year-old, when he projectile vomited suddenly, splattering the mom and grandma across from them. But instead of freaking out, these women did everything possible to help clean the mess up, and even helped change the kid’s clothes! Then a third mom from another part of the train came over and gave Jennifer her entire pack of wipes, and said, “Just take the whole thing, don't worry about it.” This grateful mom says she will never forget the kindness of those three moms, who seriously bailed her out that day.

6. This last one might be my favorite: Kat was at a playgroup with her 18-month-old, who didn't nap and needed nearly constant attention. Her struggles made her feel like a failure, and she desperately needed support. Another mom with three kids saw her frustration and exhaustion, and put a hand on her shoulder, and said, “Yes, this is hard. You're doing great.” As Kat explains, “She probably didn’t even know what that meant to me then.” And the two moms have since become good friends!

Has a “stranger mom” ever helped you through a tough parenting moment?

Lorraine is a parenting, health and food writer, and shares her family’s allergy-friendly recipes at MixPlayEat.com.

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